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10 June 2015 - Going Cheap. An Ivor Production.

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Going Cheap!

Your six year old son, Jimmy has become quite a handful since your spouse gave birth to a second son, Adam, almost a year ago. Whereas before Jimmy was happy and cheerful now he has turned into something of a mini monster.

You have wondered if he feel resentful of his younger brother. You consider that you have tried to not treat him any differently since Adam arrived, but inevitably the new arrival has become the centre of attention for your spouse and the rest of your extended family.

Today your spouse didn't feel too well and you have been endeavouring to tend to her wants leaving Jimmy and Adam to their own devices. You come downstairs and realise it is very quiet apart from the TV blaring away; you look round the downstairs and garden but can see no sign of either of the boys. You dash outside and nearly opposite where you live is some open space lading to woods. On arriving there you see:

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Now what happens?


First of all, thanks to Ivor for filling in. Yesterday was pretty hectic for me, and I simply got distracted and forgot to post a BOTD.

In my case, I'll escort Jimmy and Adam back inside. I'm going to have a long discussion with Jimmy, and I'll let him know that, as Adam gets older, Jimmy will get all the fun parts of being a big brother, like teaching the younger boy who to be a boy.

In the meantime, any rules he broke by doing this will be pointed out to him, along with the normal tariff, but I can't see myself spanking in this situation.... And at least Jimmy didn't kill any teddy bears.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

Yes, he is in trouble as I specifically said to not take a penny less than five bucks! Razz Twisted Evil

(REAL ANSWER: Ditto to Jack)

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I need to show Jimmy and may be some of our extended family too just how loved and valued he is and that that wont change. We want him to enjoy being the brother showing Adam all the things he's learned. Very gently I will remind him that it is a no no to leave the garden and that we would be heartbroken to lose either of our boys.  Maybe it will be better when Adam becomes a playmate rather than just 'the baby.'  For now though Jimmy needs help adjusting to his new world

ps that card is way too neatly written for a 6 year old


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Jack. Frankly, I probably would want to sell the kid too. Of course, the proper thing to do is put him on Craig's List: Free to a bad home. Razz




ps that card is way too neatly written for a 6 year old[/quote]

Ah, what I omitted from the scenario was that Jimmy found that card in his older brother 12 year old Martin's bedroom. What he didn't realise was that Martin was intending to add to it a picture of him and then stick it on the front fence. Smile


First the plus.  He has made no attempt to harm his little brother.

I'll escort them back inside and we'll talk; but then there is no short term solution to what appears to be a developing problem.

Its time to give him some extra time and attention, to be more demonstrative with love and then to gradually phase him into becoming a valued (but not put upon) member of the Adam raising team.

Y Lee Coyote

I agree that the sign is too good for a six-year-old who looks five.  If there is a twelve-year-old brother, the problems are far worse.  In either case, the lad is reading already.

I don't think this occurred because Mommy was sick for a couple of days.  There is a long build up for a kid not having a family identity.

This family has major dysfunctions.  It needs professional help.

For now a lot of talking with Jimmy -- and his big brother -- is desperately needed.


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