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11 June 2015 - High in the Seat - A Jack Production

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High in the Seat
A Jack Production

This month, while your cousin is getting ready to move, his sons are staying with you.  While Mason, the younger boy, is rather mischievous and a bit of a handful, his older brother, Logan, has always been a pretty good kid.  While both of them have spent a fair amount of time with you in the past six months or so, getting ready for the move and getting to know their knew neighborhood and making friends, you don't expect either of them to know the rules perfectly yet.

One of the rules you're fairly strict on is that, while the boys can do most anything they want during the day, you do require them to check in twice a day - at 11am for lunch, and at 6pm for dinner.  While you're usually correct anyone that misses those times, you don't make a big deal out of one miss... Unless they're more than 30 minutes late.

This morning, 12-year old Logan wanted to look around his new neighborhood and see where some things were before it got too hot.  He took one of his new friends, Ethan, who's also twelve.

When you notice they weren't home at 11, you text them.  The two of them don't manage to arrive home until 11:35.

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Because Logan is still learning the rules, you were thinking of reminding him, and maybe restricting him to the house for the rest of the day (with as many kids as hang around your house during the summer, that's a rather toothless punishment - more figurative than anything).  The trouble is, it's only been a few weeks since Ethan was in similar trouble, and he really does have a session coming over your lap.

So, do you treat the boys the same, try to explain why you're treating them differently, or look for another answer?

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"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

I think I will pull Ethan aside and explain to him why he is getting another warning instead of the promised spanking.

I will then burn two sets of ears and the butts will be safe - this time.

They are now on very thin ice; especially Ethan.

Very Happy

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm presuming Mason has been told the rule and that I've not spanked him before.

I'm spanking both boys together.  Mason can go first, an 'easy' spanking, but enough to bring forth proper tears.  Then he can watch Ethan get his due desserts as a warning of what will happen next time.

Oops.................Logan Embarassed

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I'm more or less joining with MM today.

Ethan has had his warning so a spanking is due. It may seem unfair to him if he gets more of one than Mason (Logan?) but I think that can be explained to him in a way he can comprehend. And if Mason is also spanked, albeit not as hard, then Ethan won't feel Mason has got off.


I think I'm with MM. Ethan went with Mason and could perhaps have persuaded Mason that they should get back on time. May be Ethan thought  that he could get away with it being with the newbie


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I think it's better to cut a bit of extra slack to Ethan rather than hold Logan more accountable than I usually do. Spanking one but not the other might not be unfair -- in the circs, Ethan really should be spanked, as he should have guided Logan rather than racking up another misstep for himself; however, kids have trouble seeing things that way. I'll take Katz's approach and give them both the rough side of my tongue.



I'm with the MM people....

Hugs kal


I mostly agree with Kat and Katz. I think what I would do is separate the two boys and explain the situation to them. I would ask each of them what they think I should do. I honestly believe that both boys will agree they deserve a spanking, but I also think Ethan will agree Logan doesn't deserve one.

After that, I'm gping to bring them together, and let them know that they're both getting a mostly free pass this time. They'll both be restricted to not leaving the property for the rest of today, and no bike riding tomorrow. Since it is a repeat offense for Ethan, I might give him a few minutes in the corner (but considering how the real Ethan takes corner time, probably not).

You may have noticed that this is not listed as an 'RL Production'. It was inspired by what happened Tuesday, but the boys were only about 20 minutes late. They were out of bounds, but that was only technical. If it had been most other 12-year olds, I wouldn't have worried about it. However, they should have told me where they were going. If they had, I would have reminded them to use the pedestrian bridge to cross the highway (which they did), and I would have reminded them how weird the streets are around here (they curve away from each other in that area, so where you think you should take one left, you really have to take two), which they now know, and which is why they were late.

Considering that they were very hot, pretty hungry, and worried about getting home before they earned sore bottoms, I didn't think I had to say much (except why the streets around here are weird).

BTW - the reason they have restrictions that the other boys around here don't, is that Ethan lives on the far side of the highway, and doesn't know this area as well as he does the area around his new home (and he hasn't lived there six months yet), and because Logan has only been here on a handful of locations, and is still learning his way around.

Finally - I owe Ivor an apology. I did get Mason and Logan's names confused (again --- why couldn't Ryan name them Bill and Dave, something completely unlike the other), which is why his answer is phrased like it is. I changed it this morning, but didn't have time to finish my response, so didn't get around to mentioning the correction. Which mean's he's not crazy - I am.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


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