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BOTD 06-13-2015 A Picture From Your Past - A DMK Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK Production

Your thirteen year old son, Carson, is an avid skateboarder.  You suppose he gets it naturally as skateboarding was your life when you were his age.  You require Carson to wear helmet and protective pads as he is in to tricks and jumps that can be dangerous.  Carson hates the protective gear as he says it hinders his style and movement.

You have caught Carson on his board several times without the protective gear and have responded with lectures, loss of board, grounding and other restrictions.  You told Carson that any further failure to use the protection will result in a spanking. You consider spanking to be a last resort nuclear option but do use it when needed so Carson understands a spanking will be a serious punishment.

Today you catch Carson skating yet again without his gear.

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You tell Carson to go home and wait for you in his room.  You go in to give Carson the promised spanking and he says he first has something to show you and he hands you a photo he found in an old album.  The photo is of YOU at age thirteen.

YOU - At 13
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Carson points out that you are not wearing protective gear.

Does the picture from your past make a difference in how you deal with Carson?

Can you dig it?


First of all, I'm going to tell Carson that his butt would have been a lot safer if he'd come and talked to me about this picture, instead of just deciding to act on it. I will then have him get ready for a spanking. At that point, I will probably talk to him about how and why things are different. While I do believe in trying to give him freedom, I also think we need to take reasonable safety precautions. To that end, we're going to go watch some videos of professional skaters - who wear safety gear.

At that point, unless he's giving me some real attitude, I'll let him dress. If he does it again, though - deluxe.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."




I don't know where Carson found that picture but it's certainly not me... skateboards weren't invented when I was 13 - if they were, I never saw anybody with one and all...

Spanky time...

Stevie. Twisted Evil


I agree with Jack. The boy should have talked to me about it before, there should have been some trust there. What takes this into spank territory is that (1) my picture was from a time when the risks weren't as well known and (2) in our state, a minor on a skateboard, without a helmet and maybe padding, will get cited, which will cause me considerable problems.

The boy is welcome to wear his helmet and knee pads when he gets his spanking, however.


Ditto jack

Hugs kal


I'm with Talebearer. I think there is a lot more knowledge about the dangers of head injuries and unlike on a bike people come off these boards ll the time. I'm carrying through on my warning and sorry if that makes me a hypocrite but times have changed


Hmm!  Skateboards weren't invented when I was thirteen either and no self respecting boy would have been seen dead wearing shorts like that.

Looks like I'll have to regenerate a couple of generations .............. and spank him. Twisted Evil


Perhaps I could try pointing out that the safety gear wasn't around back when I was a lad. On the other hand I'm really embarrassed about those shorts I was wearing, so much so I almost prefer Carson's!

I don't really want to spank him, but the pair of us appear to have forced ourselves into a corner over this.


I'll try to get some of these shorts and he has the choice between wearing them or the protection gear. Twisted Evil

John Boy

I agree with Jack and Talebearer.

Y Lee Coyote

This surprisingly made me think of the movie Witness for the Prosecution.  During the trial, one of the barristers make a motion and the judge responds that he remembered the point incorrectly for like judge Someone overruled me, I shall over rule you now.

The way out of this is that if dad was spanked for not using protective gear, especially for the instance when that picture was taken.  "Well, son, grandpa roasted my tail for that just like I'm going to roast yours."

One certainly must avoid the do as I say not as I do (did) situation.



Editor Extraordinaire
If there is, in fact, a city ordinance that mandates the equipment, that gives me the perfect excuse for what might otherwise seem as hypocrisy.



Stevie will also tell yon lad that he, Stevie, did not wear seatbelts or ride in an approved child car seat either... it was a different world back then and we did not have a car equipped with seatbelts until 1969...

If he really wants to go back to the 1960s, I shall confiscate his cell phone - they weren't invented in 1969 - and reduce his allowance to $0.75 cents a week, just like mine and all...



oh, and remove his laptop and replace it with this:

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Stevie played tic-tac-toe with a computer like this when he was 8...


P.S. - Make him pay the hydro bill out of his allowance - he'll only be able to boot the computer once a millennium and all...


You might also point out to Carson that, in that photo of you, you were coming down at high speed off that board and were just about to get some skin torn off your little rear -- and came to realize you were lucky it wasn't your head. It's only fair that he get the same now, but without a pair of torn up shorts to show for it.

And in any event, a helmet is the law now, and you probably already told him that. So, it's his turn to get some abrasions down there.

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