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BOTD 06-14-2015 Neil's Naughty Nine-One-One Prank - A Kat Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Neil’s Naughty Nine-One-One Prank
A Kat Production

Your 12-year-old son Neil is in the sixth grade. To celebrate the end of the school year, he has a couple of friends, Brandon and Paul, over.

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Brandon and Paul
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During the course of the evening, Neil calls 911 after his friends dare him to do it. After saying “Deez nuts,” he hangs up. You learn about the call after the dispatcher calls you back. Once emergency services establishes there is no actual emergency, the person to whom you are speaking leaves it to you to deal with the culprit(s). The boys sheepishly admit their roles. You know the parents of Brandon and Paul quite well and have the permission of both sets of parents to discipline the boys as you see fit. You’ve never spanked either of them, though you do still spank Neil.

How will you handle the situation?

See how his real parents handled it:

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Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I'm getting permission to spank all three of deez nutty boys! Pass the paddle

Can you dig it?


I agree with Skater. Tying up a 9-1-1 line with prank calls can result in significant harm to society at large, and at 12, the boys are old enough to know that. The spoiler assures me that the boys got off easy IRL.


To be honest, prank calls like this are not the problem. Unintended calls of mobile phones sitting in a bag or pocket are really annoying, disturbing and time consuming. Of course, had they actually faked an emergency it would be different.

Nevertheless it's not something to be encouraged so at least some hot ears, if not some hot seats, are definitvely in order. I think a visit to the next fire / ambulance station or the dispatch centre might be helpful to understand why wasting their time isn't a good idea.

David M. Katz

These three are going to want the fire department for their butts after I finish with them.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

David M. Katz wrote:These three are going to want the fire department for their butts after I finish with them.
Ditto Katz and Kier and Skater


Nine for Neil and one each for Brandon and Paul sounds about right, unless they want to help him out.

Of course had it been in the UK they'd all be getting equal treatment anyway. Smile


I cheated and read the spoiler first.   Embarassed

I can't improve on Neil's parents response to their son's misdemeanour.   The ultimate consequence of facing his victims in that way is likely the most powerful disincentive they could have devised.

However all three boys were involved devising the original prank.  At 12yo an immediate joint savouring of the strap is also justified.


As far as I can tell, in all the several states, calling 911 for a non-emergency reason is illegal. If you remember my story, Tommy and 101 Dalmations, (one of) the reason(s) that Dan's boys got spanked was calling 911. As far as I'm aware, the police won't do anything to kids for a first offense, but it can get expensive if it keeps happening, and they do keep track of who's done it before.

I like Ivor's idea. All three boys will be baring and bending for a date with the paddle. Brandon and Paul should know better than to even mess around with 911, but Neil is the one who did it, so Neil's the one who will be suffering the majority of smacks.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Agree with Jack. It can be illegal, it does tie up emergency responders, and too many grownups make frivolous 911 calls as it is. Cure these three of that now, please.

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