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BOTD 06-15-2015 Watching - A Jack Production

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1 BOTD 06-15-2015 Watching - A Jack Production on Sun Jun 14, 2015 4:49 pm


Bransom Postmaster
A Jack Production

You have three sons.

8-year old Lucas, 9-year old Drew, and 14-year old Jake.

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Your spouse works out of your home, but also part-time for the school district, and so is able to handle most of the child care.  Occasionally Jake is required to supervise his little brothers, but rarely for more than an hour or so.  He usually gets along with them, they usually follow his directions, and things normally go fairly smooth.

The occasions that aren't normal have ended up anywhere from a group lecture about getting along, to three sore-bottomed boys apologizing to each other.

Last week, Jake had to supervise his little brothers for a couple of hours.  Your spouse had some things that had to be done to close the school down for summer vacation.  You came home early, so Jake wouldn't be alone with them too long.  By the time you got there, Jake was obviously upset, and he was doing some chores the younger two were supposed to do, while they were in the back yard, playing in the water.

Jake is a bit shocked to find you home already.  Reluctantly he explains that he didn't want y'all thinking he wasn't doing his job (of supervising), but that they were just refusing to do their chores.  Finally he told them to do what they wanted, and he did the chores, because he didn't want to cause a fight, and he wanted to get everything done, so he could go to a friend's house when you did arrive.

You call Lucas and Drew in and ask their side of the story.  

While the two of them have a lot of excuses, they basically confirm Jake's story.  You have Jake sit down and watch, while you prepare the two boys and wear their little bottoms out, before having them go finish their own chores.  Once they're back on track, you talk to Jake a bit about how he should have handled things, but then give him a couple of dollars, so he can stop for a cold drink, and tell him to be back from his friend's in time for supper.

That was actually about nine days ago, and things have gone smoothly since then.  Of course, your spouse is also on a summer work schedule, which means Jake hasn't actually been in charge since then.  Or more precisely, he hasn't been in charge again until this afternoon.  Your spouse has a doctor's appointment, and is planning to run some errands after that.  

The boys should only be home a bit over an hour, but you manage to sneak out a bit early.  You stop and pick up burgers for dinner, and you sneak in to surprise the boys.

You're the one who gets the surprise, as you hear Jake telling his brothers to clean the cat box, which is normally one of his chores.  

"But you're supposed to do that," Drew complains.

"Yeah, but last week, I did your chores while you played, and I helped you guys fold laundry today, so you should have to help me.  You don't want Dad to spank you again, do you?"

Your younger sons start whining about not doing anything, but Jake explains that he can tell you that they didn't do their share of chores again.

"Of course, that only works if I don't know about it, Jacob."

Jake tries to tell you he was just joking, but it sure didn't sound like a joke.

"Dad," Lucas says to you.  "Jake got to watch us get spankings last week.  Do we get to watch him get one?"

Does Jake deserve a spanking?  Do they get to watch?

Can you dig it?

John Boy

We need to have a loooong talk. Then I will decide what happens.


I agree with JB--we need to have a long talk. But unless he can convince me otherwise, he's been bullying, and the littles are going to get to watch him get what they did 9 days ago.


Editor Extraordinaire
I don't have a problem with what Jake did up until he tries to blackmail the younger boys. Whether or not the other two did their share of the work today is open to interpretation from Jake's point-of-view, as he mentions helping them fold the laundry. I don't think he deserves any reciprocation for his doing their chores last week, as I punished Lucas and Drew on that occasion.

I'm going to ask Jake to tell me whether or not he stepped over the boundary. If he says he did, I'll settle the matter with a couple of school-style swats rather than a full-on spanking. If he says no, I'll let him off, but only after making sure all the boys understand that their chores are their individual responsibility; they can help one another out, but that help cannot be a basis to demand the same. Furthermore, Jake is on warning that I will cut him zero slack if takes advantage of his authority over his younger brothers again.


David M. Katz

I like Kat's take on this.


Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm in the Kat bed too. Much nicer than the litter box - especially if it hasn't been cleaned. Smile


I'm taking a contrarian view on this because in the absence of any KNOWLEDGE to the contrary I'm going to accept Jake's explanation.  

I'm also going to make it clear to all three that when Jake is left in charge he is NOT also responsible for supervising his brother's chores.

Then I'm going to thank Jake for looking out for his brothers, which is after all, an extra chore which has been heaped on him.


Ditto Kat....,

Hugs kal


I'm really torn on this, because it really did sound like Jake was taking advantage of his little brothers, and maybe using me as a threat to push them around. On the other hand, especially if he's helped them with chores today, I can see him wanting some help back.

I'm going to explain to the little ones that this is not the same situation as when they got spanked last week, then send them to go play. Jake and I are going to have a talk. I'm pretty sure I'll just tell him what my problems were, and then let him decide how bad he screwed up.

For reference, this is a partially real life scenario. The first part, with the two younger boys getting spanked, was listed on the Spankorama last Tuesday. I know about the basics, because Jake mentioned it when he arrived here (the friend's house he'd wanted to visit), and he did get to see part of the spanking, but I don't think his dad let him watch on purpose.

The second part, with Jake getting in trouble, is entirely from my head.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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