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BOTD 06-20-2015 Is Steven Sick? A Trotzkopf Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A Trotzkopf Production

Your daughter and son-in-law both work for the local railroad and both often have to work late hours or overnight.  When this occurs, your ten year old grandson, Steven, spends the night with you. When Steven spends the night you always make sure he gets to school the next morning.  In the past, Steven has faked being sick in order to convince you to let him stay home.  The last time you watched Steven, he claimed to have a bad stomach ache and so you let him stay home from school.  Steven later confessed that he was not sick but simply wanted to spend the day with you.  You let the matter pass with only a stern lecture about honesty and a good education.

Steven spent the night with you again last night.  This morning he calls out to you from the room he uses.

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"I have a really bad headache.  My head hurts so bad.  Please don't make me go to school."

You know Steven has a major math test today but Steven also promised you the last time he faked being sick that it would never happen again.  Steven does look like he doesn't feel well.

How do you respond to Steven's headache?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
Well you know Dad says... Spank a cold and spank a fever so certainly spank the headache

Can you dig it?


Editor Extraordinaire
This is a tough call. I can take his temperature to make sure he has no fever and give him Tylenol for pain. If the headache is real, he probably will just want to get back in bed. The moment he shows signs of being lively, though, he's getting dressed and going to school. I see no reason to miss a whole day if the headache passes and he is fever free.



He's probably badly constipated...

A double dose of Fletcher's and I'll send him off to school with a note to his teacher that the boy has had a laxative and is to be allowed to go the toilet whenever he needs to... 

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Warning... poo ahead:
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David M. Katz

I am sort of in the direction of Kat. I will give him some Tylenol and let him lie back down. I will check on him in a couple of hours. If he is feeling better then I will take him to school and sign him in late. If the headache persists then I may consider taking him to the local clinic just to make sure all is well.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

He stays home but it will be under sick day lock down rules. Bed, food, bathroom, bed.


Does he have any history of headaches? I know I had them quite often as a child, but seemed to grow out of them as I got older.

If he does then what he is saying is probably true; if not then probably he is trying an alternative to the stomach ache of last time.

I need to check his temperature and assuming it is not abnormally high in which case we need to see a doctor, he can go back to bed. But as JB says it will be simply that - in bed, curtains drawn and no entertainment.


I'm in agreement with Kat and JB. The scenario says he looks like he doesn't feel well.

He can stay home, but as a patient, not a playmate.


I already know a bit about Steven's character.  In the light of his earlier subterfuge and him getting away with it virtually scot free.  I'm  rather dubious about the worth of his promises.

I'll give him a tablet for his headache and then  he can get dressed and come down for breakfast where I'll watch him unsympathetically before making a final decision.


I will take his temperature ,and have him look me in the eyes. If there is still time for them to take before he hass to leave I will have Steven take aspirin. I might also check with Steven that he has studied for the test and see how he reacts. I am sure I have checked Stevens history with his parents. Does he struggle with Maths. If he is sick we will not be doing anything today. He will stay in his bed. Not sure if I am to act as disciplinarian but If he has lied to me I am sure suitable punishment will be forthcoming

Pi Beta

I'm very suspicious so will start by taking his temperature after which, if it isn't inflated I'm going to try tickling him. If, as I suspect, he dissolves in giggles - he's going to school!

He can then try convincing the school nurse!


I'm with Kat and JB.......

Hugs kal


This Story has an real background. It happened 12 years ago. Steven is not my grandson, he is the son of my sister. Our mother told the boy on this morning, if you are to ill for school, we must go to the children's doctor. Normal he protested when he should go to the children's doctor, but on this morning he says yes.
The doctor diagnosed meningitis and Steven was direct brought to an hospital. Because the illness was recognized in the early stages Steven becomes complete healthy.


If it's just a headache, with no fever or anything, I'm going to be very tempted to give him an Ibuprofen and send him on.  I'll give him a chance to convince me there's something really going on, though.  If there are other symptoms, my reaction depends on what they are.

Upon reading the other responses, I like Kat's.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Trotzkopf wrote:The doctor diagnosed meningitis and Steven was direct brought to an hospital.
That is indeed quite painful. My boss got the same as an adult and he complained the lot. Poor boy. Headaches and lumbar punctures.

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