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24 June 2015 - Splish Splash - A Jack R/L Production

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Splish Splash
A Jack R/L Production

It's been a good day so far.  You've spent the morning with your two college-age sons who are working with you, then had lunch with them, before you headed home to do some paperwork, while they headed back to work.

When you arrived home, you parked, and were walking from the garage towards the back door, when you heard splashes from the backyard and the sound of boyish laughter.

While your Labradors, Lady and Prince, sometimes enjoy playing in the pool,

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and sometimes your ducks, or even Rocky - your Maine Coon Cat (and Lord of the Manor) enjoy the pool,

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as far as you remember, none of them laugh in a boyish tenor.  Since no one is supposed to be home, you're just a bit curious about that.  You remember what curiosity did to the cat, but you just can't resist, so you redirect your path from the back door to the backyard gate.

Stepping into the back yard, the first thing you see are four bikes, then four stacks of clothes, and then, along with the Labs (and a freshly shaved English sheepdog) that you expected, you also see

The Costas Boys - Jared (12), Hunter (11), Trevor (10), and Jerry (14)

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While you consider Jerry one of 'your kids', and all the kids are regular and welcome guests, you're pretty sure you never gave them permission to make free of your property at their convenience.  What really bothers you is that you require either someone out of the pool, or someone who's passed the YMCA or Red Cross swim safety and CPR classes, which you know none of them have.

The boys rapidly quiet down when they see you.  Even the dogs know something is wrong, and climb out of the water to apologize.

No, the boys admit, they no one invited them over or gave them permission, but they weren't hurting anything, and they didn't think you'd mind.  At least, that's what they claim, until you point out that they were breaking one of your main rules (and they weren't staying in the shallow end).  

The honest truth is that Jerry and Hunter are both strong swimmers, all of them can swim, and Jerry is taking the class.  He's also fairly mature, so you would have trusted him to supervise the younger kids in this small a group... IF they'd asked permission.  While you love Jerry and like his brothers, you also don't want to set a bad precedent.  

You've had Hunter over your lap before, with permission of his father, and you've had a kind of off-handed, generic, kind of permission to deal with the rest of them.  Still, this situation is unusual enough that you call their dad, just to be sure you're not missing anything.

Dad is not happy with them when he hears about this.  He clarifies that you have his full permission and support do deal with them 'however you think is best.'

So, what's best?

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"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

David M. Katz

This is a safety issue at the very least.  Do we add in illegal entry, trespass, and disrespect?

The boys won't be cutting a switch - this time.  However there will be four very red rears after I do what I think is best.

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Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'll spank the dogs. They should have held them off the property.    


I'm with DMK. But I'm no monster, and since I am home, they can cool themselves in the pool afterwards, if they want.

Y Lee Coyote

After a brief lecture and reminder of the rules, send them back home for Dad Costa to deal with.  Then after they show that they understand the rules and for safety and manners entertain their request to use the pool again.

There is a major liability issue of concern as well as their safety.


John Boy

Ditto Katz an order of four EmbarassedEmbarassed is in order.


The leather burn on their butts will soon be much more sore than the sunburn on their chests.


I think I will apply appropriately sized paddles to each bare backside in turn. There is a line to draw and these boys crossed it


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Y. No reason with their dad can't handle this.



It really should be their Dad who delivers any retribution coming their way.

Maybe I should ask them who they'd prefer to deal with them?


I do not see a safety violation in 4 boys, all good swimmers, swimming in my pool, no matter what I might have said!

After all they are much safer in my pool then at a random swimming hole they might know about!

So I will question the boys about what they would do in an emergency.



It doesn't really matter for this scenario, but I did want to remind each other that the Costas boys are actually cousins who live across the street from each other, not actually brothers. However, since they act like that, and the group of parents treat them like that, it's easier for me to do that as well. It doesn't really matter except...

The phone call situation was a bit more complicated than I reflected. The Dad's were both at work. I finally reached a mom who contacted a Dad to call me, which settled the situation.

And, since the dads were at work, while sending the boys home was an option, it would have meant them having to wait four or five hours for someone to get home and deal with them.

Also - thanks to David for the picture for this scenario. I asked him a question about how I should arrange this, and he not only answered, but included this pic. Besides being a nice picture, it also reflects the stair step nature of these boys. The only problem with it is that Jerry is much taller than Jared, and is also pretty buff, with a lean but hard, middle school football players body.

I think the kids had really intended this as some slightly naughty mischief. I don't think it was until I called them out of the pool that they started realizing they'd bitten off more than they intended.

I'll have to say, I still don't know exactly how I feel about this. It's not like I think kids who are regular visitors to my house violated my privacy by using the pool when no one was home, except... I kind of do feel that way. When I'm that unsure of what I'm feeling, I try hard to allow for it, and not to let it influence me unduly, but I think it still shows some.

It wasn't until I pointed out that they were violating pool rules that I think they really understood they'd screwed up. Just violating the pool rules can lead to sit outs, spankings, or even a ban from the pool, and they know it (and they know their parents know it).

After the phone call, there was little doubt they were going to get it.

I started by having them get out of their trunks. Trevor is still a little boy, while Hunter is obviously reaching the early stages of puberty (not much sign, but you can tell his sac is lose and stretching). Jared is stage three, with some decent growth below the shorts, but only about two hairs. Like I said before, Jerry is fairly mature. Besides around his penis, he doesn't have much body hair outside that, but he's probably about 5'9", so pretty good size.

I spanked Hunter last year, after we saw Guardians of the Galaxy, so it's been almost a year. From what I know, the younger boys are all used to hand, while Jerry is used to belt these days. I'm pretty sure I used the medium Tailblazer on Hunter last time, so, while the boys were getting undressed, I went and fetched the medium and large TailBlazer. The hardest decision was what to do with Jerry, but I finally went with the small Lexan.

Trevor got a regular session with the medium TailBlazer, Hunter got a regular session with the large, and Jared got a deluxe sessoin with the large, though I cut it short. I kind of forgot that Hunter is the trouble seeker in that group, and (from what I hear) he gets spanked more than either of those other two. What was enough to get him crying hard and loud was enough for Jared as well, though Jared did get a few extra.

While the younger boys were getting spanked, I had put Jerry against the wall. When I finished with Jared, I called Jerry out. Jerry got a bit more lecture, including the reason I was most upset with him. He didn't know my address, so if something had happened, he wouldn't have been able to tell 911 where to send help. By the time I was finished with this lecture, Jerry was almost crying already. He was bawling before I finished with him.

I put all four of them back against the wall (yes, the little ones did watch Jerry's spanking). Trevor and Hunter had finished crying before I finished with Jerry, though I think they were both sniffling a bit. Jared was almost through.

I didn't leave them there long, but pulled them out one at a time, for a hug, and a brief talk. I wanted them to understand that I spanked them, because they were wrong to use the pool without permission, and they were definitely wrong to break the safety rules, NOT because I didn't want them there.

Jerry was the one most upset, and he needed the most talking, but, once he was sure I wasn't mad at him and wasn't going to forbid him to visit, he settled down some.

And after that, I let them get back in the pool. Their trunks had already started to dry, so none of them saw any reason to put them on again. I went to get my laptop, and took care of a bit of business, before joining them for a while.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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