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BOTD 07-03-2015 A Nice Day for Fishing A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

You and your SO both left for work early this morning leaving your thirteen year old son, Devin, to see himself off to school.  Devin has done this numerous times without issue.

You finish work early and it is a nice day so you decide to get in some fishing and you head off to your "secret" fishing spot.  You get a surprise when you see Devin there fishing himself. Devin should still be in school.

DEVIN - 13
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Devin sees you and smiles and greets you.  You ask him why he isn't in school.

Devin answers, "I didn't go.  I didn't have any tests or projects today and I am ahead in most of my classes.  I noticed it was a real nice day; way too nice to be in school.  I decided to go fishing instead."

How do you respond to Devin?

Can you dig it?


Editor Extraordinaire
"Truancy is illegal. I'm taking you to school."

He'll have to take whatever consequences the school gives. If I don't consider those consequences sufficient, I'll bust his butt myself.



Ditto Kat.


Fishing is cruel and I don't condone it.

I'm putting Devin up for adoption immediately and all...



Put me in the K Klub as usual.


Devin was not in school because it was too nice a day! I sympathize completely and will give him an excuse slip to take next time he goes to school.



Take a day off when you're supposed to be at school my son and you will find that Devine retribution follows! Smile


Hmm!  It IS a nice day and Devin is not a serial truant else I would have been aware of it.

I'm also aware that didn't finish work early because there was no advance work I could have been getting on with.  

If what Devin says is true he has exercised some judgement (misguided as it happens) so instead of going ape on him I'll get my rod out and sit alongside him to calmly discuss the issues involved in an atmosphere of disapproval but understanding.

Natural consequences have a habit following unwise actions and he can test these out since I won't be giving him an excuse note.


Big problem is that if it becomes a problem the law and the school will make it my problem. As a one off ( I dont know about Devine retribution Ivor) but I agree with MM that the school has my full consent to bust Devine's butt or impose on his fishing time if it prefers. I will remind Devine that there are plenty of glorious days when I cannot take off from work and sadly for Devine that is almost every school day. He will also have to call a classmate about his assignments for the day


On the one hand, it seems like my example makes it hard to be too strict on him. On the other hand, I'm an adult, and I did go into work first. He's a 13-year old boy - I'm responsible for his decisions, he knows he's not allowed to stay home from school without checking with me or letting me know, and he's breaking the law.

If he's my only child, I'm tempted to let this slide, with an understanding that he's not allowed to make that decision, and if it ever happens again, we'll treat it like exactly what it is - illegal and a switching offense. I'd really rather enjoy this afternoon with him, but if he doesn't convince me that he understands he's screwed up, and that he's sorry, he's going to be going back to school with a sore butt.

On the other hand, maybe I should just enjoy this day with him, and let him deal with the school tomorrow? Normally I feel like it's my job to deal with this kind of stuff, but maybe I can let someone else step up to the plate, just this once.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

Assuming that it is now afternoon annd it woul almost be school going-home-time by the time I could get him back there, he's really presenting me with a fait accimplis in that respect so I may as well join him for the rest of the afternnoon. I will make it clear to him that the only note I will write to school will be one letting the school know exactly why he wasn't there and supporting whatever punishmentthey deem appropriate!

He must suffer the consequences and if that means a sleepless night and acute discomfort sitting down tomorrow, so be it!


The question is: why haven't I been noticed by the school about his absence?


Agree w/MM and Jack. Pi Beta and Padraig have some interesting points as well.

David M. Katz

Ditto to Jack

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Ditto katz

Hugs kal

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