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3 July 2015 BOTD Extra: A Double Dose of Disobedience

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Logan and Mason are the sons of your cousin. The family is moving to the town where you live. Your cousin is finishing up his job, selling their old house, and getting everything moved. Your cousin has just gone through a rough divorce, he's unhappy with his in-laws, and the boys' mom is only allowed to have limited visitation with them at this time. Because of those things, the two boys are living with you right now.

Mason (9) top and Logan (12)

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The boys are pretty happy to have been staying with you. Not only are some of your boys the same age (or close) as them, but you always have a bunch of kids around your house, and the boys have made a lot of friends already. They also just spent two weeks at camp. While they miss their old friends and their mom and grandparents a bit, they're mostly happy.

They're also well-behaved. While Logan is normally a good, somewhat quiet kid, Mason, who tends to be more active and mischievous has also been on good manners with you. You actually spanked their dad when he was growing up, and you have permission to treat his kids the same as you do your own. For those ages, it means time outs for reminders and minor offenses, and sore bottoms when they get out of line.

This afternoon, Blake - a 17-year old who is close friends with your older boys, comes to you. He's on a schedule this evening, it's time for him to leave, taking his little brothers with him, but he can't find his youngest brother, 12-year old Aidan.


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Blake assures you that he already tried Aidan's phone, but there wasn't an answer. He tells you where he already looked, so you go check the board. Sure enough, Aidan has signed out with Logan, and the two of them are 'bike riding'. You check the clock, and the two of them are late getting home, but not late enough (yet) to be in real trouble.

You're about to try Logan's phone, when yours rings. Sure enough, it's Logan.

Except it isn't Logan.

Instead, it's a police officer. There was a call about a couple of kids prowling around a vacant house. One of the boys claims that he's going to live there. You tell the officer the name of the two boys and the address, and he explains that a neighbor saw them climbing the fence, and knew that no one was living there yet, so he was sent to check. You ask him to send the two boys straight home.

Blake is ticked at Aidan, because he knew when they were supposed to leave, and he wants to know if you're going to spank them?

Even if they're more than thirty minutes late (which is normally an automatic spanking), they might have been home before that, if they hadn't had to deal with the police, so is it really fair to enforce that policy?

On the other hand, Logan, his little brother, and your boys, have been told not to go over there. They had been doing some interior and exterior work around the house, and the boys were told they weren't allowed there, unless your cousin was there.

So, who's in trouble and what's happening to them?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
I think the shock of the police turning up and an ear-bashing are sufficient since I rather sympathise with Logan's natural desire to see how the work is going on at his new house.


I agree with Pi. Just one thing. I wonder if Blake has to get his brothers home by a certain time and do I have to smooth things over with their folks or whether that would drop Aiden in it at home?


Disagree. Logan and Aiden weren't supposed to be on that site, and they knew it. The >30 mins. late isn't as big a deal because they were detained -- let's just say it merged with the main offense. It also inconvenienced Blake, who also would want you to affirm that you're consistent about your disciplinary policies. Logan and Aiden should get it, in whatever manner you use for those their age.

David M. Katz

Giving the ditto to Pi

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Pi had some good points, but I'll start by saying that Logan did get spanked. I did consider the issues Pi mentioned, but there was one thing that really swung it for me. (Well, two things, and the other is pretty much exactly what Talebearer said). The main thing that swung me was Logan had signed them out for 'bike riding'. This is one of those things that I couldn't figure out how to work into the scenario, and you wouldn't know without being a regular guest here; but 'bike riding' is an acceptable way to sign out, but only if you'll either be close by, or if you're going looking around; i.e. - trying to see who's home and free right now. If you have a destination in mind, that's what you're supposed to put.

When they got back, Aidan tried to pass off their tardiness by saying 'we were just going to look at his house. We weren't going to be gone long.' I did ask Logan, and he admitted that was his plan, which means he kind of fibbed about where they were going. That wouldn't have been enough for a spanking, in and of itself, but since it was obviously to cover disobedience, I felt it tipped the scale.

Logan will be 13 in about three months, but he's not especially... well, he's actually a bit on the tall side, but he's also pretty skinny (much like his dad, but not as far over average as I remember his dad being). And, while he's showing some below the belt development, he's still hairless. He was pretty worried about getting his first spanking from me, but he took it pretty well (that is, he got ready for it pretty well, he 'took it' with kicking, squirming, and crying). He got a standard dose with the large Tailblazer, which seemed an appropriate compromise.

I didn't spank Aidan. Logan had signed them out, and Aidan wouldn't have known that the other house was off limits, as far as I know. Plus, Blake was already running late, and I saw no reason to detain him.

I later found out that Mariah (Blake's girl friend) is going out of town this weekend to see family, and Blake's family is going to visit family in a couple of days now, so they - along with Noah and Elle, had a date. He had wanted to just bring clothes and change over here, but his brothers had begged to come, and their mom got Blake to bring them. When he got home, he made a quick comment about why they were late, then he ran to shower and change. When he got out of the shower, and obviously freshly spanked Aidan was waiting to apologize to him and wash up. I know Aidan has had the belt a few times now, and this time was 'just' a hand spanking, so it sounds like a good balance for someone who'd begged to go, then couldn't follow the terms... especially since Aidan has been in trouble several times in the last couple of months for time and boundary problems.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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