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6 July 2015 - I Forgot! - A DMK Production

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1 6 July 2015 - I Forgot! - A DMK Production on Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:44 pm


A DMK Production

Rodney is your seven year old son. Rodney is fearless and loves climbing and playing in trees.

Last week Rodney fell out of a tree - twice. Fortunately he was only scraped up both times and there was no serious injury. A couple of band-aids later and Rodney was out being his typical rambunctious self.

You told Rodney then that he was not to climb or play around in the trees unless you were there with him to supervise.

Today you happen to be outside and see:

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You ask Rodney, "What did I say about climbing trees?"

Rodney gets a shocked look on his face and then says, "Oh yeah, you said not to do it unless you were around, sorry, I forgot."

Do you need to help Rodney's memory?

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

John Boy

The little monkey can come out of the tree and we can do other things for the day. I will remind him again that he needs to only climb while I'm around maybe give him a stinger, and promise an actual consequence should he repeat forgetting again.


Ditto JB. Pretty sure that if falling out of the tree and banging/scraping himself up didn't imprint itself on his memory, a spanking, at least one suitable for a 7 year old, isn't going to work any better.

4 Re: 6 July 2015 - I Forgot! - A DMK Production on Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:44 pm


He's not that far up, and he seems adventurous enough. A boy's a boy, and a' that. Just say, "I'll patch you up, but remember the law of averages can be a lot more stern than I."


He doesn't look to far off the ground right now, so I'll go with JB and let him off with a stingoor - or two.


affraid I'll buy him an Xbox and encourage him to become a "normal" boy. tongue


MemoryMan wrote:affraid I'll buy him an Xbox and encourage him to become a "normal" boy. tongue

I'm going to report you MM for imposing a cruel and inhumane punishment Razz


Razz lol! Ivor and MM

Im going to ditto JB at that age I can see the forgetfulness this one time as I just imposed this rule but will explain if their is next time he will be getting spanked liked promised......

hugs kal


Going to flip him over my knee and and land a few light stingers on his little rump and direct him somewhere else to play. Hope he remembers next time.

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