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BOTD 07-24-2015 Club Initiaon - A Mahoover Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Club Initiation
A mahoover Production

You work from home, so during the summer your house is the gathering point for the extended family.  This is especially true since you have a pool in your backyard.  You don't mind keeping an eye on the horde, but part and parcel of that is that you have full disciplinary privileges for all of the kids.  You use a combination of time outs, restrictions and spankings, but a spanking is the most common punishment.

Your sons: John (12), Paul (10) and Eric (7)
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Your nephews: Phil (13), Sam (12), and Chris (14) "The Older Boys"
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Last week the older boys were pantsing each other around the pool.  It was getting a little to rough, especially when the younger kids were getting involved.  So while everyone was together for lunch, you imposed a new rule stating no more pantsing.

This morning Eric comes running to you with a scraped up elbow.  After taking care of the elbow, you talk to him to find out what happened.  He tells you that he was playing basketball on the driveway and he fell when Paul pantsed him.  You don't feel that Eric is trying to get Paul in trouble, he came to you to get his elbow patched up.  Normally Eric and Paul have a good relationship.  When you ask Paul about it, he hems and haws but admits that he pantsed Eric by the basketball hoop.  He tries to get out of his spanking by saying that you only said no pantsing by the pool.  After Paul gets a fairly standard spanking and has calmed down, you talk with him about what it means to obey the rules.  As part of that discussion, you ask him why he pantsed Eric when he knew it was a bad idea and against the rules.  He tells you that it was an initiation dare from John and the other older boys so that he could join the big boys club.

Do you let Eric watch you "pants" Paul and spank him?

Are the older boys in trouble, and if so what happens to them?

Can you dig it?


I simply promulgate a new rule for the pool: NO SUITS ALLOWED!

With no pants there will be no pantsing!


John Boy

I'm going to sit the boys down and explain how I feel about initiations and how sometimes they are okay, but most of the times it is bullying in one way or another. and let that sink in, then John and I can have a little longer talk and see if he likes  how I pants him.


Editor Extraordinaire
Eric certainly doesn't get to witness Paul's punishment. As to the older boys, I consider them far more responsible for Paul's disobedience than I consider Paul. I shall deal with them accordingly.


David M. Katz

Iconoclast wrote:I simply promulgate a new rule for the pool:  NO SUITS ALLOWED!

With no pants there will be no pantsing!


Oh why not?! Very Happy

No privacy fence, you say. Shocked The female cousins, you say. Shocked Darn!

Well then I guess I will give a ditto to John Boy.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


There's a big part of me that is kind of partial to the 'no suits' rule as that would be allowing for 'natural consequences'.  We had a similar issue here with our pool and the kids' local cousins a few years back.  I think the same way I handled that would be applicable here:

The "You said only by the pool" bit will be dismissed forthwith as he knew darn well when I said "no pantsing" it meant no pantsing, period!  That little bit of disobedience alone is enough to earn a few swats minimum, and being a jailhouse lawyer isn't earning him any points with me as just right now as I have little patience with 'hair splitting'.

As to the older guys 'initiating' him, this borders WAY too close to bullying in my view.  Perhaps I shall 'pants' John and the older cousins and light them up a bit so the little guys can know that the 'big guys' aren't too old for a visit over my knee either, which was what I did with Cyndi's boys when they pulled a similar stunt at our pool.  I never had the issue again! I'm sure it'll work here too! Twisted Evil


I don't object to the older boys having an 'older boys club' as I'm sure being around littlies all the time would get frustrating since they must have more interesting things to talk about and do.

I'm not even sure I'm that concerned about a single pantsing as an initiation test. I'm sure there are a lot of things they could have come up with that would have been much more akin to bullying - throwing him in the pool for instance, or hanging him from the basketball hoop. Shocked

The older boys club and their new member are going to get a lecture but nothing else.


It's hard to answer this without knowing the real family dynamics, but to me, this sounds more like the big boys were pulling a prank to see if they could get Paul in trouble, than that this was really a club initiation. That's how I read it, so that's how I'm going to answer it.

I wouldn't go with Icono's idea, because we have too many guests, and some of their parents might object to it (which is why we don't do more skinny dipping than we do).

I also don't think that initiations are bullying. To me, they're a way to keep casual people from joining a club. If you don't want to be initiated, don't join. Which is not to say that some don't go overboard, or that some bullying doesn't occur that's disguised as initiation. And, in this case, where a club didn't really exist...


Paul deserved his spanking, but I don't think it reaches the threshold where it will help to have Eric watch.

I will talk to the older boys. I'm going to let them know in no uncertain terms that I don't find this even vaguely amusing, and I'll tell them what I suspect their real motive was. What I actually do about it depends on their reaction. While they are older than Paul, they didn't exactly force him to do anything. I think they'll end up getting a time out to think about their actions.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Jack saved me a lot of typing. Smile The one thing I would do differently is before I put the older boys in time out, I would have them drop their suits to get ready for a spanking. Then after the time out would tell them that they have used up all of their chances around bullying, and let them go. No spanking.


Concur with Jack. Thoughtful, and common-sense.


Eric will not be watching and it will be the only spanking, after which Like JB and Jack I will tell them what I think about this and everyone is on notice that there will be no more of it or else. I will pint out that targeting the littlest(by a distance) for this sort of thing does not make you a "Big boy."

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