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BOTD 07-25-2015 A Good Read - An Ivor Production

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A Good Read
An Ivor Production

You have been best friends with Jack since you met in College. He is your golf partner and you see him regularly as you both live in the same town. You work in the local bank but Jack set up his own business in town and has a shop that sells newspapers, magazines, sweets and cigarettes. There is also a large section for comics and thus the store is well patronised by the local youngsters as well as adults.

Your son Casey is 14 going on 15 and he is friends with Jack's own two sons who are of a similar age. As a result of his business doing so well Jack has a pool at his house and Casey is often over there in the summer. Jack's boys tend to be over at your place in the winter as you have a soundproofed room that they all use for music making.

Casey is still spanked, or rather paddled, when necessary as are Jack's boys. Several years ago you both agreed that each of you had spanking rights over the others sons for offences committed at their house. Those rights have been used many times as the boys have grown up.

This evening you receive a call from Jack who asks if he can come over and see you. That's a bit unusual but you don't think much about it, After settling down with a drink and gone through the small talk Jack says that he has a picture to show you. He says he was looking through the security camera footage the other evening as was suspicious that someone was stealing magazines. You are now worried that Casey is the guilty party, but Jack assures you he isn't as he found someone else taking them, but he did find something which he has printed off and hands you:

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What are you going to do?

Should you ask Jack what he'd do if Casey had been his son?

Should you let Jack deal with the matter as it happened at his shop?

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

I think a talk about discretion and doing certain things in the privacy of one's room will be all that is needed. I am sure Casey will be mortified to know he was seen on video.

Do I need to supply Casey with some magazines for his own private use?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

Everyone, FYI:

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Ditto Katz


Okay, my answer is predicated on the fact that it looks like Casey is in a regular magazine section (not one with 'adult' selections), so this is probably something racy, but which wouldn't be illegal for a minor. If Jack does have some adult magazines (and I'll assume he's a responsible businessman, so Casey would have had to make a real effort to sneak one out), my answer would change.

As it is, I'm going to show the picture to Case and watch his reaction. The honest truth is, while I try to be a bit more discrete about it, you could probably find me like this several times a day - sometimes things just don't want to lay straight, and you have to adjust or go insane. On the other hand, it's possible Casey is doing what it looks like he's doing. If he overreacts to the picture, I'll go with that theory.

While it is tempting to paddle him for inappropriate behavior, I honestly think this is a situation where a talk will have much better results. He's obviously not in full stroke mode, so he might not even have thought about it. I'll just make sure he understands the possible consequences (public indecency), and I think that should be enough, unless he just drives me to emphasize my point.

I don't think I'd ask Jack how he'd handle it, though I probably would share my thoughts to see if he had anymore input (actually, since he's seen the video, he might have a better idea of what Casey was actually doing).

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I can see in the picture that Casey is looking at Nuts magazine. Not sure if it is in the States. It is one of those 'Lads' magazines. It wont actually contain porn but its language and contents as befit its target audience of late teen/twenties men will be a little racy, the S word will certainly be in there and will almost certainly contain scantily dressed women draped over fast cars, sport etc and ads for suitable protection. He may have found something in there or it could be subconscious. I agree that we need to have a private talk about the time and place for what is natural normal behaviour but I thing being seen on cctv will do far more than any spanking could to make him more careful

Ok . Just read the Wiki link. Clearly its slightly more. Not sure if it made the top shelf in our news agents

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Ah, modern security measures!! Who among us guys DON'T remember a time (or twenty) when WE were in a similar pose as teens?

As Jack pointed out, he could be simply 'adjusting' as that happened rather a lot for me as a kid; that thing had a mind of its own for a LONG time!! Razz

On the other hand, looking at the source material, I think Casey was unconsciously 'helping things along' and we do need to have a private chat regarding discretion and "a time and place for all things". Certainly no punishment is due as I'm sure he'll be embarrassed to death at having been caught out.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm in agreement with the others that this is an occasion for talking rather than paddling. I suppose it's possible that Casey is just adjusting things; if, however, he is publicly masturbating, he needs to be aware of the inappropriateness and possibly illegal nature of that high risk behavior.



I suppose that Casey's friends would be very amused by that picture and all... Twisted Evil

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