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BOTD 07-26-2015 Five More Minutes - A Leti Production

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A Leti Production

You are at a party and your son Sebastian ( 8 ) is having a ball with the bouncy castle. You have to go someplace else and start saying good bye and getting ready to go. You have already put your things in the car but your son is missing. He was supposed to go to the bathroom. You walk back in and, after looking in the bathroom, look around and see him bouncing. He looks at you and says he was coming…. it was only for five more minutes and you should chill out.

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Will you chill out or will Sebastain warm up?

Can you dig it?


I'm going to tell him it's time to go. He will have two choices--he can come now, or he can come in 20 seconds and get spanked. I'm pretty sure which one he'll choose.


Editor Extraordinaire
Kier's answer sounds good to me.


John Boy

Yup, I can chill while he chills in the corner after our talk.


I won't do anything about what has already happened, but he needs to top bouncing right now or his little butt won't want to bounce anyway.


I'm no control freak and Seb is just an 8yo having fun at a party.  

Seb will come with me now; and as for the "chill out" remark the consequences (or lack of same) for that will depend on the degree of truculence with which it was delivered...................although a good humoured stingoor, just hard enough to carry a message may be appropriate in this instance.


I understand little boys not wanting to leave the fun behind but... Thanks to the chill out remark I may just be a little more abrupt than usual. It will be 'you have 10 seconds' and may be a stinger once out the door. I don't want to actually say the s word with an audience.

Emlyn Morgan

We never had bouncy castles when I was a boy. We did have numerous real Norman castles maintained by the Ministry and open to the public within cycling distance. They were places of great attraction for climbing around when we were teenagers.

When I was eight I was allowed free range around our un-metalled cul-de-sac and down the lane past the pig farm - as long as I didn't put a foot on the main roads.

Anyway, I'm going to whack the boy.


Unless 'chill out' is something he's said to me before (or similar), I don't think I'll be spanking for this (especially not if it's his first trip to a bounce house). On the other hand, while I'm going to escort him out, I will try not to embarrass him while doing so. What I will do is verbally take off a layer of hide, and he's going to be thinking a spanking is probably on the way before I finish.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Oh my, to have an 8 year old again! That sweet excitement they exude as they explore, learn and grow; yes, I rather miss that. On the other hand, the 'hyperness' they can also exude has a way of getting on my nerves in short order which is why I don't often deal with the Cubbies (except @ Day Camp).

In this instance, I'm more in MM's camp than anyone. A quiet, firm reminder that we need to go now and perhaps a 'playful' swat for the "chill out" remark-nothing serious but just enough to let hi know that he's got my attention and I need to have his.

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