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BOTD 7/29/15 "Stuck In Line, Again" A John Ross Production

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David M. Katz

A John Ross Production

You are at the amusement park with your two sons, Jimmy who is 13 and Sam who is 14. It is a small amusement park, lots of rides and a water park, but still smaller than a Six Flags. The boys ask to ride some things by themselves and you agree as long as they meet you at 12:00 for lunch. They go off and at 12:30 you are still waiting. When they arrive they explain they got stuck in a line. You let it go but warn them to pay attention.

Towards the end of the day they ask again and you tell them yes but they have to meet you at 8:00 and they can not go back to the water park. At 8:15 you start to get anxious and at 8:30 you go looking. You spot them, with towels over their shoulders by the water park. They swear they they were stuck in line again.

JIMMY - 13 & SAM - 14
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What happens when they get home?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm going to ask why they have the towels and probably check their swim trunks. If they straight up disobeyed me then lied, they'll probably either be getting paddle swats when we get home or spend a day grounded.

Really, I'd prefer not to do that, and if I decide there's a chance that they were just stuck in line, then I'm going to have to admit it's my fault for not giving more exact instructions. I will, however, point out that they're obviously not mature enough to be let off on their own yet - at least give them something to worry about, even if I change my mind next time.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Very Happy ditto Jack

hugs kal


I agree with Jack as well. Though I've been stuck in line in those places in the past, and I doubt the lines have gotten any better in the last 20 years.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll go along with Jack's answer as well.



They're obviously lying, so I'll pull their trousers down in public and give them both a good belting while the crowd stands and laughs at their dinkies bobbing up and down...


John Boy

I agree with Jack and one of them should of had the extra family phone I have for when we split up in the parks. Razz


Hard to fault Jack's answer.

Appears US amusement parks stay open later than ours do here. Ours would mostly be closed by 8pm.


Hmm! ....... Two young teens let loose in a noisy crowded amusement park where time is elastic and cell phones need to be zipped securely away.  What did I expect? Shocked

There's a lesson to be learned here.......... By Me.

In future I'll be setting rendezvous (just outside the cafe) times half an hour earlier than required - and should they happen to have to hang around waiting for me - so be it.

PS.  I've tried it and it works - more or less Rolling Eyes


This is plausible if the place seems to be crowded but surely it might be thinning out by this time of the day. I think I have to take their word but I do like MMs idea for the future as I'm quite sure the boys will have realised they were cutting it fine when they joined that queue

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