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BOTD 08-01-2015 Leaf Me Alone - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Leaf Me Alone
An Ivor Production

Your 7 year old son Lester is, in your view, a great kid. Unlike many of his age he enjoys reading ad is quite happy to spend time by himself. Indeed the rare occasions on which he does get into trouble and may end up getting his bottom smacked are nearly always caused by him losing track of time and being engrossed in something.

Today you are going to a soccer match in which your older son, Tom who is 10, is playing. You thus need to set off at a set time on order to get to the ground in time. Various things have caused you to run a little late, but Lester is not one of them. You have got him dressed and left him sitting downstairs with a book and told him not to move. You are sure though the book will keep him amused while you and your spouse get ready.

However, when you come downstairs Lester is not where you left him. You can't find him indoors and finally look out of the window to see:

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Lester engrossed with the cat and leaves that are coming down.

Will anything else be coming down??

Can you dig it?


Lester is fine, he has not left the house, and he is ready to go!


John Boy

Iconoclast wrote:Lester is fine, he has not left the house, and he is ready to go!

Well he did leave the house. Assuming he hasn't caused us to be late with his little disapeering act, I think a good ear burning is all that is needed. With a few stingeroos to add to the fact he disobeyed.


Agreed!  That little guy is simply begging for a stingoor or 2 just because! Razz  

Let's cheer big brother on at the match!

Now, as to that cat......(says Lyn!)


I agree with Icono. If I could find him just by looking out the window, he isn't AWOL. I guess if I told him "not to move", he has, technically, disobeyed, but I don't see me following up with even stingoors for this behavior.


Editor Extraordinaire
How could anyone spank this cute kid with his cat?



Grrr!!  There certainly will.  I told him NOT TO MOVE.  

There should now be enough bare switches on that tree to give the little monster the thrashing he so richly deserves. Twisted Evil Razz Laughing


I don't give instructions to cats, and I should know better than to give pointless instructions to little boys. Lester may generally be quiet and still, but he's still a 7-year old boy, and I just don't think it's right to punish him for being one. I will give him a brief lecture, but I think that will be enough.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

Since it was presumably me who was so entranced by the picture that I snapped it for prosperity, I can hardly punish him for what little boys do. Indeed, by stopping to take the photograph, I've clearly delayed our departure as well as my son!


He's just the right age to be apprenticed out as a climbing boy... a little thick around the middle but that will soon change with a diet of gruel and 'corporation pop'...

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

(by the way, this photo is clearly a fake - for one thing, look at how clean the boy's feet are...)


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David M. Katz

He has already put on his coat and scarf and is out of the house. I say we are ahead.

"Hey, Lester, let's get in the car."

Now as far as the cat . . . . Twisted Evil

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Ditto Dimitri and co

Hugs kal


Of course no punishment. That photo will be standing framed at my desk or hanging on the wall of the family room!

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