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BOTD 8/5/15 "1975 A Whoppin' For Waylon?" A Kat Production

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David M. Katz

A Blast from the Past – 1975 -- A Whoopin’ for Waylon?
A Kat Production

Waylon is a kid you recognize from your neighborhood, though you don’t know his last name. He seems to be around thirteen.

Waylon - 13ish
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This morning before sunrise you have caught him in the act of trying to steal your ten year old’s bicycle by cutting through the chain used to secure the bike to your fencepost. Waylon refuses to tell you his address or his parents’ names; when you threaten him with the police, however, he starts to cry. Then he begs you to deal with him, saying, “You can whoop me as hard as you want, but please don’t call the cops. I don’t want my mom to know. It’ll kill her.”

Gradually you get Waylon to explain that his mom is a single parent (divorced) who works a nightshift at the hospital.

Will you ‘whoop’ him or handle this some other way?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Even in 1975, I'm not dealing with a stranger this way. Sorry, Waylon, but I've got to call your mom. And based on night shift nurses with whom I worked in those days, while it won't kill her, she just might "kill" him....


I feel kind of sorry for this kind of kid.  They often don't have good role models or such an unstable home life that they do this sort of crap and then when caught out, they have sufficient conscience to know the hurt this generates for the few people that they DO have in their lives to look up to.  

Waylon's admission that 'this will kill his mom' tells me that the kid is still redeemable.  Depending upon where this takes place, in 1975 there WERE still those in small town USA that 'parented' other kids without repercussion.  The fact of it is that, much as I'd like to grant his wish, the most 'impact' will be made by letting his MOM deal with this.  If he's the kid I think he is, that will serve as a much greater 'punishment' than anything I inflict on him.

On the other hand, if Mom says "Let him have it"...... Twisted Evil


Unless this is very backwoods America, I don't think that even back in 1975 I could get away with whoppin' him.

He's going to have to take me to see his Mom and if she thinks a good whoppin' from me is called for then I'm willing to deliver it.


I agree wwith the others. His Mom may be very upset but it wont kill her. I see this as a variation on please dont tell my folks thy'll kill me. I will calm Waylon down ant persuade to let me call his Mom or take him home. The alternative sadly is to put this in the hands of the law which I don't want to do

Only if his Monm agrees will I whoop Waylon


I wasn't born yesterday.

We have a professional little cycle thief wandering round armed with equipment for cutting through chains.  Then, when caught the resourceful little toe-rag comes up with a convincing sob story aimed at coercing me into giving him a thrashing so that he can add ME to his portfolio of blackmail victims.

I'm calling the cops.


About the time I turned 7 is when my Mom divorced David. We moved into an apartment, and the very first night, my bike was stolen.

While I do have some pity for Waylon, I have too many questions to let him off with just a whuppin. To be honest, if he'd 'just' been stealing soda bottles, I would probably acquiesce (happily, from his looks). As it is, I want to know why he's stealing a bicycle. Unless he's a moron, he can't want it for himself, and that means he thinks he has someplace to sell it.

I want a lot more information from him before I decide not to let the police know, but for now, Waylon and I are going to go talk to his mom. I'm going to tell her my suspicions, ask for permission to switch his butt for him, but I'm also going to her permission for him to start hanging out with me and my son - I'd imagine it would be good for him, and a lot of fun for Willie, and Waylon, and me.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I agree with ya'll and I like jack idea of having him hang out with me and mine.....

Hugs kal

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