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BOTD 08-08-2015 Great Uncle Em's Celebration - An Emlyn Production

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An Emlyn Production

Great Uncle Emlyn was celebrating the bars re-opening after the abstemious month of Ramadan. These days he falls asleep after two bottles glasses of wine. He was annoyed to be woken by boys drumming and singing.

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Should he whack the boys?

Can you dig it?


The boys are probably looking for a bribe to move elsewhere! I will pay it!


Y Lee Coyote

Wine?  What's wine?

<Looking things up> 

Oh -- Alcohol!  That is forbidden!

The boys are playing outside a closed shop during the day.

Not any reason to whack.  Perhaps to move on.



Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Icono. I think a bribe will work wonders.



They are too cute a group to simply chase off with a token bribe!! Laughing

Send 'em off with their coin and a hefty whack to the rear for disturbing your buzz nap!!


You should never pay blackmailers!


He should tip them for waking him up and beckon to the waiter. Very Happy


Brilliant answer Icono. May be Great uncle Emlyn should act on the Principle that if he cant beat them he should join them


He definitely should, but after two bottles glasses, he probably doesn't have the energy to catch them.

Instead, he should take a note from Icono - "I'll give you each 5 dirham to go away, or 10 to come to the whackings you have coming for waking me."

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Emlyn Morgan

There are drinking places in many big towns in Morocco - discreet, never within the walls or near a mosque - licensed to serve non-moslems only.  But in reality the authorities are relaxed and the bars do serve anyone who likes to drink, including Moroccans.  However the law is enforced during holidays and Ramadan by the expedient of closing all the bars except those in tourist hotels.

In my town even in religious holidays I could be served discreetly on the bar terrace of my regular rendezvous behind closed gates if I wanted - but my Moroccan companion would not be allowed - so I respectfully did not drink when for example the bars were closed for three days during Mouloud.  I would not have enjoyed the foreigners-only tame atmosphere anyway!

My companion says he loves the month of Ramadan - breaking fast convivially every sundown with family, friends and neighbours in his quartier.  I have never been in Morocco during Ramadan.  I'm sure I would hate it!

As for the boys in the BOTD: oh no they are not blackmailers.  They are obliviously excercising their right to make music whenever and whenever inspiration strikes.  Moroccan men, youths and boys will break into spontaneous singing drumming  and dancing - and in reality I always love to hear it.  There are instruments available to anyone in cafés etcetera.  Moroccans know the words of  many songs and sing the verses and choruses until they run out of words, and someone starts them singing another song - and they don't need alcohol.

I can contribute to the music making with a baritone Calon Lân, but only after a few glasses of wine!

The video linked below will not be to everyone's taste.  I love it!  A man's world of course.  You may guess some of the young men are couples. The language is Tamerzight.  The three-finger salute celebrates Amerzigh solidarity.

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