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BOTD 08-16-2015 Two's Company: Threes A ......?

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Bransom Postmaster
Two's Company; Three's A.........?
An Ivor Production

You have gone on holiday to Italy with your 15 year od twin boys, Jake & Josh and have also taken with you their cousin Roger who is the same age.

Things have gone reasonably well, but after the first week the boys appear to be getting bored. You have rented a nice villa but it is in a fairly small village and there is not much to do there, especially now that a problem has arisen with the water in the pool which means it cannot be used.

In the afternoon you retire for a siesta. Before you do you check on the boys and see:

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You are woken from your siesta by a banging on the door and when you open it there stands Gianni the gardener. His English is broken but he eventually makes it clear that so is his scooter, seen at the back of the picture. He tells you that the boys took it and crashed it.

He doesn't know which one it was and they aren't telling. None of them are obviously injured, but the scooter is certainly a bit of a mess.

The twins do still get whipped on occasions and you have whipped Roger in the past when all three have erred. Who goes first?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I'm think Roger can be our starter! ... Upstairs and drop'em lads!

Can you dig it?


Ditto Skater. As the "guest", Roger can go first.

All three boys have earned it, and will get it. I'll compensate Gianni for his damage and inconvenience, and let him know that it definitely won't be happening again. In modern Italy, "sculacciare" is as nonPC as it is in the rest of the "Western World", so he has no need to know HOW I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll let them work it out among themselves who goes first. Ditto SKateski and Kier for the rest.



That garden looks like it might harbor some good switches, and the picnic table is a perfect place from them to bend.

Broken English or know, I need to know if the boys 'took' the scooter with or without his permission. If it's the first, then I'm going to be as upset with him as with them. If it's the second, then I agree with everyone else. I will give them one chance for them to tell me what really happened, or they'll all get the same thing - one guilty and the other two as accomplices (or possibly equal violators who just didn't have an accident).

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I shall assume they were in it together unless I am told otherwise

If they tookthe Bike out of the grounds It could technically called theft or joy riding. We are lucky the Carabinieri ? have not been called so I think a switch or a belt are called for. The boys can have 5 minutes to discuss either possible confessions or the order they wish to be punished in. While nursing sore behinds they can also compose letters of apology for Gianni. For the rest I think we need to be organising some day trips that teen boys might enjoy.

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