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BOTD 08-21-2015 - Extenuating Circumstances - A Memory Man Production

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Extenuating Circumstances
A Memory Man Production

Your son Layton, age twelve, can be somewhat wayward at times but is kept in check by his experience of the efficacy of the supple well nourished strap hanging in the barn, the strap that played a significant part in keeping you, your father, his father and his father before him in line.

You are not a cruel man and you get no pleasure from whipping Layton - but you have your fatherly duty to do, that's just the way it is and always has been.

Yesterday Layton earned himself a whipping but you commuted it to a day's grounding with a list of extra chores round the farm that you thought would keep him busy all day whilst you were at market.  You got your business finished a bit early and as you drove your truck through the ford you saw Layton amongst a group of boys at the swimming hole a short way upstream.  Angry, you stopped the truck and called him over to you to demand an explanation.  

"I got everything finished and I was so sweaty I just ran down for a cooler" he explained.

Layton - 12
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"Get in the truck."  You told him tersely.

Back at the farm you stopped by the barn and sent him to prepare for his whipping whilst you parked the truck and checked on his chores.  You were surprised to find every task completed to your entire satisfaction and furthermore he'd cleared up afterwards.

Somewhat mollified you make your way to the barn to deal with Layton's defiance of his grounding.  On arrival you find Layton has spread a horse blanket across a bale, has dutifully stripped and is already lying across it with the strap laid out ready alongside.  As you pick up the strap you reflect that in different circumstances you would have been praising, perhaps even rewarding his efforts.  His bare cheeks start to clench and unclench in anticipation of the coming onslaught and you wonder............?  

Will a single lash be sufficient - or is this even an occasion to be an old softie and just replace the strap on its hook?

Can you dig it?


Aw, NO question about it.  The strap will be hung on its hook and I'm hugging him to death!!  Having actually been on the other side of that equation, there's no way on Earth I'd be that cruel to one of MY sons!! (BTW, what is it with a 5 generation strap that makes it so fearsome?)

If he's completed the extra chores to my complete satisfaction in a timely manner then he's "served his time" as far as I'm concerned.  He can get dressed and either return to his buds or quietly enjoy the rest of the day at his discretion.


I guess it depends on what exactly the sentence was.

Was it chores with grounding until the chores are completed, or was he forbidden from leaving the property at all?

If it's the first, I'm replacing the strap on the hook, and praising him, and apologizing for embarrassing him in front of his mates.

If it's the second, a single lick will be sufficient anyway.

David M. Katz

I too am satisfied that he has "served his time."

I will put the strap back and apologize for reacting before I had all of the facts.  I will offer some hugs if he is willing. I will also compliment him on a job well done.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


He'll get one - smack. Either with my hand or a soft one with the strap. Just to let him feel it. Afterwards we can sit together an discuss what he could have doen differently. After all, he was grounded for the day and he left without permission. (I probably will let him go again but that depends on the outcome of our talk.)


I'm with kier but it sounds like he was grounded for the whole day with extra chores so if that is the case then he will still get the strap for leaving and breaking his grounding .....but maybe just a few Embarassed

Hugs kal


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm going with Kier's answer.



I'm also jumping on Kier's bandwagon.

The sentence was for a day's grounding and there were other places he could have cooled down other than the swimming hole.


It sounds like this grounding isn't something I've tried before, and the word 'commuting' makes it sound like I was trying to go easier on him. If those are the cases, then I'm willing to right this down to a misunderstanding. I will praise him for the good job he did, explain why I was upset, and hang the strap up unused.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I think may bee Layton should have checked till I'd checked his work. I like Kiers suggestion of 1 lick and not a terribly hard one at that then sending him back to the swimming hole

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
I favour Padraig's solution one or maybe two smacks with my hand.

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