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BOTD 08-23-2015 Brotherly Love - A Mahoover Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Brotherly Love
A mahoover Production

You have smoked since you were a teenager, and tried to quit several times, but have not been able to quit yet.  You decided to give it another try, but you didn't want a lot of pressure about quitting, so you didn't tell anyone.  You have managed to cut back from over a pack a day to two cigarettes a day.

Because you are keeping track of how many cigarettes you smoke, you notice that more cigarettes are missing than you are smoking.  You keep your eyes open and notice that your oldest son Brett (16) is eating a lot of mints and using a more cologne than he has in the past.  You have him come into your office and you ask him if he has been smoking.  He bursts out with "I'm going to kill them."  When you ask him what he is talking about, you find out that his younger brothers John and Paul (twin 14 year olds) snapped a picture of him smoking and have been threatening to send it to you.  They have been blackmailing him into doing some of their chores and giving them some of his allowance.

You talk with Brett about why he shouldn't be smoking and how you wish you hadn't started smoking.  From the number of cigarettes that went missing, you are afraid he is already addicted.  You tell him you are going to get some nicotine tests and he will be taking them to make sure he isn't smoking anymore.

Brett -16
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John and Paul -14
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What happens to Brett?

What happens to John and Paul?  Does Brett have any influence on their punishment?

Can you dig it?

John Boy

A large earful, and a threat of if I catch him after this. As for the twins I think it is time for blackmail to turn into red butt!

David M. Katz

I am mostly with John Boy.  My main goal is to stop Brett's smoking.  If he is addicted then no spanking or punishment is going to help.  He needs medical/psychological intervention.  I will carry out the nicotine tests but seek professional help for him as well. (Sounds like this would benefit me too so maybe we can go together and hold each other accountable.)

As far as the twins, I detest the blackmail and a sound whipping is in order.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm ditto'ing Katz.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm also dittoing Katz (K Club cheers ) though I will not be using nicotine tests on Brett. I want to help him stop smoking and will do everything I can to support and help him, but it will have to be a matter of trust between us.



I asked and you just confirmed it. I haven't seen this picture yet but your behaviour was the giveaway. If it were just the smoking we might just talk about helping you stop but you've been taking as well so you will be getting a whippng as well as your brothers for blackmail. Think I finally got the best reason for quitting ever. May be if my son has to buy his own that will help to put him off


I'll have to disagree with the consensus as far as whipping the twins is concerned.

I think Brett brought that on himself by deciding to smoke and perhaps it was the twins way of trying to get him to give up. After all, if he stopped smoking they wouldn't have anything to blackmail him with.


Brett does not have any influence on their punishment. In my opinion, he screwed himself.

While I understand addiction, and I'm going to work hard to help Brett break the habit, he's also broken the law, and he's going to have to take the punishment for that (if he was 18, I'd still be working hard to help him break the habit, and I would have forgiven him 'stealing' my cigarettes, so I think there is a difference). John and Paul have also broken the law, so they can pick a switch right along with Brett. Considering the situation, I think Brett can watch them get their turns, and they can be in the corner for his.

They will be paying him back some money as well as helping out with his chores.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

In the UK, though Brett cannot BUY tobacco products until he is 18, smoking under that age is not illegal. Stealing my cigarettes, however, is definitely illegal and, although I'm not invoking the law on that, he can expect severe retribution for that act.

He's getting off, however, for the actual smoking but both he and I need to get help together and work together to quit.

The twins - well, they could argue that they were just holding the photograph over him in an attempt to encourage him to quit smoking. I'm not punishing them but will be having a long talk with the three lads about the whole situation in the hope and expectation of bringing about some family unity rather than conflict!

Y Lee Coyote

There is a whole plethora of problems here.

Brett is now freed from the immediate threat of blackmail, I would wait on that one to see how it plays out.  Will the twins back off or tell me?  If the later than are they just ratting out their brother or telling me of his misconduct so I can help him.  After it all over, then they are going to pay up for extortion (perhaps triple damages would be just) and probably a dual butt roast.  Some ear roasting as well.

It's certainly not clear to me (like it is to Jack) that taking a fag or two is stealing like taking money from my wallet or just another thing in the household like milk and soda in the refrig for family use.  Regardless, this is probably better passed over in the light of the much more serious issue of smoking.

The issue of smoking is terrible serious and a bad thing.  But I have terribly undermined the right position by own despicable conduct.  The most obvious is the "do as I say not as I do" because I smoke.  Although I've cut down to less than ten percent of recent times, I kept that hidden.  So I can not honestly boast of that to Brett.  He would, rightly, think it was cowardly. <ouch>

It is time to come clean on that with him.  We have work on the common smoking problem together.  How's that for a bonding activity?  Probably with professional help.  Kicking the habit requires motivation and together will work better.

I don't want to get into illegalities.  They won't solve any of the problems and close examination presents issues like I supplied a minor with cigarettes.


Old joke
.  Mom was puzzled by the carton of cigarettes on her son's dresser because he said that he was quitting.  After a few months, he gave her the carton as she was a smoker saying: "I don't need these anymore."  When she opened the top, it practically fell off.  Inscribed on the inside was: "Go ahead take one, WEAKLING!"


Ditto jack....,

Hugs kal


Also ditto Jack.

As part of the conversation with Brett I am going to tell him that starting smoking as a teen was a big mistake that I made, and I want to help him avoid the making the same mistake.


mahoover wrote:Also ditto Jack.

As part of the conversation with Brett I am going to tell him that starting smoking as a teen was a big mistake that I made, and I want to help him avoid the making the same mistake.

Thats what my Dad always said to me. But it was really National Service that started him off. Lots of time on your hands and lots of free cigarettes

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