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BOTD 8/27/15 "Like Father, Like Son?" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You have a fetish interest in spanking and you enjoy reading and writing spanking fiction.  Your spouse is aware of your interests for the most part and even obliges you on occasion.  No one is aware that you read and write spanking fiction. You are an author at and use a fictitious author name.

You have a son, Steven, who is now fourteen.  Steven is not aware of your interests. You do use spanking with Steven and, because of your interests, you are very cautious about giving him spankings.  You are very structured as far as rules and consequences and most things are written down in a "family manual" that you, your spouse and Steven all agreed on.  Although you have never found enjoyment in punishing your own son, you like being structured and cautious and it has benefited you and Steven well.

Steven has always been a pleasant and well behaved boy who has required very few spankings.  Lately that has not been the case.  For about the past four months Steven has been pushing the rules and limits.  He remains pleasant and cooperative but seems to have lost sight of the basic rules of chores, curfew, and school participation.  Last week Steven was even involved in shoplifting which greatly surprised you.  You get the feeling that Steven is breaking the rules on purpose but quickly dismiss that thought.  The frequency of Steven's spankings has definitely increased and you are concerned.  Steven simply apologizes and says he guesses he wasn't thinking.  You hope he will pass out of his disobedient stage soon.

This afternoon Steven was sitting at the table using his laptop.  You have never had any sort of computer trust issue with Steven and so neither you nor your spouse really ever look at what Steven is doing when he is on his computer.  This fact is probably why Steven thinks nothing of doing what he is doing while "out in the open."

Out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of an all too familiar looking website on Steven's screen.  It grabs your attention and so you look and, sure enough, Steven is on  You ask him what he is looking at.

"It is a site with short stories and stuff.  A kid at school put me on to it."

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What comes up in the subsequent conversation with Steven?  Is Steven in trouble for looking at an "over eighteen" web site?  Will there be any future changes to Steven's punishment routine?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


It is absurd to put limitations on the websites kids can go to, as they will be very interested in any which are forbidden, and will have no problem seeing such "special" websites, no matter what I might say!

It is stupid to make rules which can not be enforced!

In the present case I will be careful NOT to let Steven know that I am familiar with that website!



Editor Extraordinaire
I don't really have an issue with Steven looking at MMSA. At his age, I sure would have if it had been around. I don't know that his looking there necessarily indicates he is a spanko, though it might. It might just be curiosity. I'm more inclined to put his behavior down to being 14, which is a difficult age. However, I might start considering other ways of disciplining him. I sure hope that if he is a spanko, he doesn't recognize himself in any of *my* stories! That would be awkward.



I'm inclined to agree with Icono. At 14, I can't protect Steven from the world by isolating him from it. While I won't let on that I'm familiar with the site, we will discuss safety, and the difference between viewing online materials and actually seeking meets (and the latter is something about which I would be a quantum level less tolerant were it to occur).

Yes, viewing such sites is illegal at 14 AND disobedient, but I doubt there are many 14 year olds who haven't browsed porn in some form. Lowering the boom for this would send a message that there is something "nasty" about this, and would result in him just being more careful next time. It would also beg the question as to the difference between Scout's spanking in To Kill a Mockingbird, for example, and the Talbot Family. I'm not sure I have a good answer.

If I don't make a big deal of it, he might even get bored with the materials.

As for future punishments, being interested in watching other people getting spanked online (or reading about it) doesn't necessarily mean he enjoys his own spankings, or even that if he enjoyed them with friends, they wouldn't be real punishment from me. I'll just have to pay close attention to his response the next time punishment is needed, and perhaps look at alternative punishments (grounding, electronics bans) which is probably appropriate at 14+ years anyway.


Perhaps the best approach is to initiate a discussion with him in which I suggest that in view of his age perhaps the time has come to consider more 'adult' forms of punishment and see how he reacts.

If he does express a reluctance to change I think that would be a good indication of his leanings. If so, unless I know that he has a friend who shares his interest I would almost certainly decide to continue to oblige him rather than have him go looking on line for a partner.


"Ok, and what are the stories and stuff about?"

I think we'll have a talk from there.


I completely disagree with Icono. There are some things I don't want to be exposed to, so I certainly don't want my son exposed to them. There are also web sites we don't visit for other reasons. On the other hand, if I did catch my kid on one of these sites (especially at 14), I'd be much more likely to discuss why I don't want them there,than to punish them for being there. And MMSA is not one I'd have a ton of trouble with, beyond wanting to have a discussion on some of the more extreme things found there.

In this case, I think I'm going to exercise my parental spying rights. If Steven is reading MMSA regularly, then we probably need to consider some adjustments. If he really did look at it just once or twice, it's probably no big deal.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

It gives me a reason if I'm ever "caught" by him while on the site - "I was just researching what seemed to be interesting you!"

If that did happen, that would be the time to have a deep discussion about the subject; for now, I'll just ask him about his impresssions of what he's been browsing and take it from there. I'm certainly not going to tell him he shouldn't be browsing such sites since I agree with others that banning access to a teenager is akin to inviting him to search even harder!

If or when we have the deeper discussion, I'll be interested in his views about what punishment(s) he thinks would be most appropriate, especially if it seems he wants to try some of the examples found on MMSA - but we'd also have to distinguish between the acceptable and the abusive/excessive.


I 'm not sure I want my son on such sites But I think it is a time to explain and discuss rather than punish

David M. Katz

I am not overly concerned about a 14 year old looking at MMSA. I am not concerned if my son has spanko tendencies.

My concern is his safety. I also remember having these feelings at that age and thinking I was some sort of freak and so I would be concerned for his mental well being as well.

I am not sure how deep of a discussion will come out of this. I do not think it appropriate to disclose my interests at this time. Hopefully I can move the conversation to one about personal safety, consent, safe words, etc. If "the kid at school" is possibly a spanking partner or a potential one then Steven needs to hear these things. If Steven is indeed interested then he needs to hear these things. I am hoping we can get the conversation to at least this point.

If things go well and I get some disclosure from my son then maybe we can have a talk about just how normal his interests are. Hopefully.

It is possible that this is just a passing curiosity and, if so, then it is no big deal.

As far as future punishments, I will simply be more in tune and evaluate things on a case by case basis.

The key here is to not make a big deal out of a big deal.

( Twisted Evil Embarassed Part of me would love to ask if he has read any stories from a "David Katz guy" and if so what does he think of them. However that conversation needs to be a long time coming.)

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'm not too concerned unless he's been reading those dreadful 'Thermionic' stories...

(wallowing in poo and all...) Shocked


So, let me break down the situation.

As I see it, there are four points that are very evident here.

1- I like to spank. This is clear in that I am familiar with MMSA.
2- Steven may not like to be spanked, but has more than a slight interest in it.
3- Steven is cute to spank.
4- I have a paddle.

Really think that the rest of the situation is just window dressing until I get to the point of having him bent over and bare bottomed.

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