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BOTD 08-28-2015 Arachnophobia - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

This is your four year old son, Trevor.  Trevor is deathly afraid of spiders.

TREVOR - 4 (Arachnophobic)
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You also have a seven year old son, Timmy.  Timmy loves nature and, unlike his little brother, is very interested in bugs and spiders.  This is Timmy out exploring in the wooded area behind your house.

TIMMY - 7 (Bug Lover)
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Timmy captures the spider and takes it in the house.  (The spider is harmless to humans.)  Trevor is taking a nap.  Timmy knows Trevor is afraid of spiders but, in his defense, he doesn't know the severity of the fear.  Timmy puts the spider on his little brother while he is sleeping.

You soon hear Trevor shrieking and screaming.  You run to check on him and find him cowering in his bed while the spider is crawling around on his bed.  Timmy then comes in and is laughing at his "funny joke." Trevor is terrified and seemingly inconsolable.  Timmy stops laughing when he sees the severity of his brother's reaction.

Timmy then asks, "Am I in trouble?"

Your answer?

Can you dig it?


I think Timmy's reaction--the stopping laughing at seeing the reaction, not the "Am I in trouble?" is the key to me.

That he has empathy for his little brother, and appears to realize that his "funny joke" wasn't so funny leads me to not want to come down hard. I think I'll send Tim to a wall or step while I calm Trevor down. Once calmed, Tim and I will talk about pranks and their ability to get out of hand or to cause real harm. Since he already appears to have understood this before our talk, I think that's all the "trouble" he's going to get. This time. But it better not happen again.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm with Kier.



I am with Kier. I wonder if at 4 little Trevor can be taught to overcome his fear. I used to be told that most creatures were much more afraid of me than I them. That didn't apply to my Grandmas dog though that though small used to greet me at the door by apparently jumping for my throat What a Face


THIS I can relate to all too well. I am petrified of snakes (and always have been) and that fear has been used on me by more people that I care to admit; I've said quite truthfully that I'd prefer to find a bear in my tent than a snake.

As an adult I can appreciate the "harmless humor" in it when this happens but as a kid it REALLY bothered me. I'm happy to see that Timmy has a sense of empathy and that is the single item that is going to spare him. Like many said, perhaps Trevor can be helped to overcome this fear (which as I well know is an irrational one but STILL!!!) Of course it's easier to squash a spider than it is to kill a snake.


Ditto kier

As long as he stays remorseful....

Hugs kal

David M. Katz

Keeping with the consensus.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Y Lee Coyote

1strappedboy wrote: Of course it's easier to squash a spider than it is to kill a snake.
Really?  Why is it easier to KILL the creature if you change the verb?  I will note that there are spiders whose venom will kill you just as surely as that of some snakes.

Have you ever met The Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula?  Think in terms of a foot across.  Yipe!

Phobias by their definition are irrational so overcoming them is a complicated process.  Like the others, I glad that Timmy has learned something about what is funny or not.  I suspect that Daddy was negligent in not teaching him to be kind and understanding.


John Boy

ditto Kier

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