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BOTD 08-30-2015 Right Up My Alley - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Your son, Hunter, is eleven.  You use spanking with Hunter if needed.

Hunter's grandmother gave him a pair of skates for his birthday.  This posed a bit of a dilemma for Hunter.  Your neighborhood has no sidewalks and the street in front of your house is a bit busy and so it isn't safe for Hunter to skate there. There is a park with ample places to skate but the park is a bit of a distance. You do take Hunter to the park when you or your spouse are able but it is not always practical.  There is not room for Hunter to skate in the house.  The answer seems to be the alley behind your house.  Hunter starts skating in the alley.

The neighbor on the other side of the alley is a most disagreeable elderly lady - Miss Black.  Hunter is out skating in the alley and Miss Black comes out and chases him "off of her property."  Hunter complains to you and you go over to speak to Miss Black.  She maintains the alley is on her property and she doesn't want kids messing in it.  You explain that Hunter's skating is harmless but Miss Black remains disagreeable.  You check with the County Registrar to confirm what Miss Black says and, yes, the alley is within her property line.

You tell Hunter he is not allowed to skate in the alley. Hunter is argumentative but you tell him he can't trespass on Miss Black's property.  You promise to try to get him to the park more often.

The next day you look out and see Hunter skating in the alley:

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What do you do?

Can you dig it?


Looks like the skates will have to be impounded as I don't really want to beat the kid black and blue.


Skates are impounded till the next time I can take Hunter to the park. I cannot believe an alleyway is not common land. who buys an alleyway


Editor Extraordinaire
I'll have to agree with Ivor -- confiscate the skates and let Hunter have them when I can get him to the park. Meanwhile, I'll show him how to make a wax figure of Miss Black and put coffin nails in it. Twisted Evil


Y Lee Coyote

I'm unhappy about it but I have to agree with the others that trespass is a no-no and thus young Hunter's skates are in quarantine.  Spanking a child for not understand convoluted law is totally unreasonable.

All that said, maybe Miss Black does NOT own and control that alley like she thinks she does the County Registrar records not withstanding.  I need to consult a land attorney to find out a lot.  Some sort of EASEMENT may exist so that Hunter does have the right to skate there.  There are all sort of laws that are in effect concerning the establishment of an easement since the alleyway is not fenced and many have been using it.  This would be particularly true if open at both ends.  It is even possible that she has lost title to it completely.  Incidentally, this can work in the opposite way and one can gain real estate by fencing and paying taxes in some places.



Not only do I agree with Y Lee on this, and I will also contact the police and talk to them (this sounds the same to me as telling someone they can't walk on the sidewalk in front of your house), but I'm going to notify Miss Olbat that I will make sure she's held legally responsible for any and everything that happens on her property from now on.

Other than that, I agree with everyone else that it's best to just lock the skates away except for times when he's allowed to use them, as sad as that is.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Ditto the consensus.....

Poor kid can't even skate in an alley No

Hugs kal


Ditto Jack, who's dittoing YLee.

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
Clearly the law differs from country to country. Here, it is certainly possible that an alley - open at both ends - would legally be within the curtilege of an adjoining property. There would then be the right for anyone to traverse the alley, so, on that basis, he would be within his rights to skate along the alley to get to the other end and beyone, but not to use it as "play space", continually going up and down it.

John Boy

I take the skates, that will hurt more then a spanking will.

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