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BOTD 09-05-2015 Skipping School to Protest

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1 BOTD 09-05-2015 Skipping School to Protest on Fri Sep 04, 2015 3:53 pm


Bransom Postmaster
Skipping School to Protest
A Skater Production

Your 14 year old son Bobby has been caught skipping school to attend a protest in town. He went with a couple of friends. One was his age the rest were a little older. (I've decided to say it's a protest you agree with actually, maybe you would have considered joining him if he'd asked)

Bobby 14
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Bobby still gets the paddle on the bare bottom from time to time. What will you do? Let the school handle it? (probably detention) Paddle him? Something else?

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

Since I agree with the cause and since I want my son to learn to be an active part of society then I am going to simply let the school handle it.

I will tell Bobby he should talk to me first the next time.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Whether I agree with the protest or not does not make any difference. I'm more interested on whether Bobby went because he felt very strongly about the issue or just took the opportunity to skip school and hang out with some friends. If I think it's the latter I will paddle him. If it's the former I won't paddle him, but I'll have a talk with him, to try to explain that as citizens protesting is our right, but there are ways of doing so without neglecting our duties. When we neglect our duties there often are unpleasant consequences. In this case, he will ask his teachers what assignments he missed and what contents were covered during those classes, and spend a couple of days with extra study hours to catch up.

By the way, has he been caught by the school or just by me? I'm not going to sign any notes to get him out of school trouble.

Pi Beta

db has it right for me.


I will inform the school that unless they give Bobby an excused absence AND school credit for what he was doing I will begin circulating petitions to reduce the school taxes!! The school can make it's decision as they wish.



my feeling is that at Bobby's age his education is should be the most important thing in his life so it better be an EXTREMELY good cause that saves him from a paddling over this. I will not stand in the schools way in any case otherwise I like DBs response and Bobby will definitely be catching up on the work he missed


If he had asked me, I would have arranged for an excused absence. I think I'll let the school handle this, so he can see how true 'it's easier to apologize than ask permission' really is.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Stevie is not pleased that Bobby skipped school...

He can read this tedious crap as a punishment... The Self-Acting Minder - The Reluctant Piecer

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Perhaps he'll realise that going to school was a privilege that people actually had to fight for and all...

Stevie Twisted Evil


Daniel has it perfectly for me. My feelings about the protest are really immaterial. If Bobby can explain to me what the protest was about, and why he feels strongly about it, we'll just talk about how to deal with such matters in the future. If he was just taking an opportunity to skip school, he's going to be one sore boy.


Put me in the K Klub.  If he genuinely feels strongly about the issue AND can articulate it I'm going to support him fully.  I do wish he'd discussed it with me prior but I'm willing to overlook that IF he can wxplain to me why he feels so strongly about the issue.


Editor Extraordinaire
A situation very similar came up while I was teaching. There was a protest over this city's police department cooperating with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). This was an issue that many students did feel strongly about, as it affected many of them and their relatives. Unfortunately, though, I did get the impression that many of the kids who left the school never made it to the protest. They were simply eager to use it as a pretext to truant themselves. I won't pretend to know whether Bobby's interest was sincere. Perhaps he didn't tell me because he wanted to take ownership of his protest rather than having it be an extension of my activism. I'm going to allow the school to handle this. Even if Bobby is sincere, he must learn that civil disobedience can bring unpleasant consequences.



I'm with DB - with one proviso. I'd want Bobby to give me some proof he was actually there and not just skipping school. If I'm convinced he was just using the protest as an excuse to skip school then he'll be in for a paddling from me in addition to whatever the school imposes.

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