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BOTD 9/10/15 "Technical Difficulties" A Leti Production

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David M. Katz

A Leti Production

You have two sons and both are subject to spanking if needed.  Billy is nine and David is fourteen.  Billy's tablet is broken right now and so he asks if he can use your laptop to play games.  You have some things to do for work so you tell him he will have to use it later.  Billy borrows David's laptop instead.  This is not a real problem as David lets Billy use his laptop and Billy even has David's password but Billy is always supposed to ask first but David isn't home.  Billy stretches out on the kitchen floor (his favorite place) to play his game.

Billy - 9
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You pass through the kitchen and notice Billy is typing and not playing.  You ask what he is doing.

"A message window popped up from 'Auntie.' It said 'hello.' I thought it was Aunt Karen so I said 'hello.'  I don't think it is Aunt Karen because this person is saying some weird stuff.  Anyway, I think she thinks I am David because she reminded me about meeting at a party on Friday. Hey, if David is going to a party can I go?"

You tell Billy you need to look at David's computer for a minute and send him outside to play. The message window has some very explicit language.  You do some quick research and are able to ascertain that David has been to some adult websites and has apparently befriended "Auntie" and appears to have plans to meet up with her this Friday at a party.

You realize David is now home and is relaxing with the dog in the den.

David - 14
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How do you sort all of this out?  What conversations do you have and what actions do you take with Billy and David?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

Ugh.  I'm sending them both to live with Uncle Jack. Razz

No, in all seriousness, I am so glad this came to light.  Have I never had the internet safety talk with David (and Billy?)  If not, it is coming now.  There is also no way in Hell that David is going to meet up with anyone he met on line, even if I have to borrow Stevie's root cellar on Friday.

I will also report "Auntie" to the authorities because if s/he is over 18 then s/he has broken the law.

I think I need to keep a closer watch on the boys' internet activity for a while.

I don't see that any kind of punishment would prove fruitful here.  This is a time for education and discussion and  making sure my boys are safe.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'll start by reminding David of the rules of computer use in our home, and assure him that he has a deluxe session over my lap coming.

I don't plan on enforcing it in this case. I'm going to let him know that, because I want to let him know that I feel he's seriously out of line (this may change due to the nature of the 'adult sites' he was on).

David and I are going to have a long talk, and a lot of what happens depends on how honest he is and how he reacts, but I think his computer privacy is going away for a while.

While I am worried about people taking advantage of him, I'm also worried about how honest he's been with them and about someone going to jail because they thought it was an 18-year old they were going to be meeting.

I kind of agree with David about alerting the authorities to 'Auntie', but a huge amount of it depends on what i can find out about the relationship.

Billy isn't in any trouble, as far as I can see. He does owe his brother an apology, but unless it's happened before, I'm willing to let it go without a spanking.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm going to agree with Jack.

There are allegedly plenty of kids who claim to be 18 and aren't on such sites. There's no way to know. Ruining someone's life who was unaware they were talking to a minor is just as wrong as preying on a consenting minor. At 14, David may not be old enough to legally consent, but he's not a 9 year old either--he knows what he was talking about.

His computer privacy is going away for the foreseeable future. We'll have a long talk about that, and why, but I can't see that a spanking is going to accomplish anything other than hard feelings between the brothers, and hiding his activities better in the future.


I'm sort of with Kier. But there is also a temptation to just let things take their course until Friday and then see how David goes about getting permission to go to his party. Springing on him at that point the fact I know about his Internet activities will I reckon produce more of a reaction than interrogating him now.


I agree with jack and Kier

John Boy

Ditto Katz

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