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BOTD 09/26/15 "Carnival Bear" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Producttion

James is your twelve year old son and he is spanked when needed.  James rarely gives you any trouble and so it has been a while since his last spanking.

A travelling carnival has set up in the parking lot of an abandoned shopping center not far from your house.  James wants to go.  You check things out and find the carnival has been cited for several safety violations and the parking lot is known for being popular for the local drug scene.  You tell James he can't go and tell him that you feel it is simply not safe.  James is disappointed and says "everyone else" is going to go.  You still say no but promise James you will take him and a friend of his choice to the theme park in the next city over weekend after next.

This evening you and your spouse are going out.  James asks to stay home alone.  You have done this before without incident so you agree.  As soon as you leave, James meets up with some friends at the carnival.  James has a good time and even wins a large Teddy bear at one of the game booths.  James and his bear make it home before you and your spouse get in.

You go in James' room to say good night to him.  You notice the bear.

"Where did you get the Teddy bear, James?"

James answers without thinking, "I won it at the carni . . . ." James realizes what he almost said and stops before totally ratting himself out but the look on his face gives it all away.

JAMES - 12
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What happens?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

Sorry about posting a little early but I will be away later.

Please enjoy.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


He did rat himself out.

It was deliberate, dangerous, disobedience.

He's toast. At least he won't have to look far for a Spanky Bear.


If I give silly, overprotective orders to my 12 year old son, James, why would I expect him to listen to anything I say?! I certainly would not when I was his age! Had I been thinking I would have told him to go with friends (which he did) during the daylight when there was much less chance of trouble. Also there is much more chance he would have watched out for the safety problems I should have enumerated for him if I had not acted ridiculously overprotective!

Now I will attempt to regain his respect by apologizing for not trusting him more.

There is approximately zero chance a 12 year old boy will not attend a carnival located close to his house, no matter what anyone tells him.



Editor Extraordinaire
James committed a serious breach of trust. I won't be able to leave him home alone for some time. I agree with Kier: he's toast.



I'm with the K Club. A spanking - bare naturally Smile


Thinking James hasn't been that bright! He's been dishonest and disobedient and if anything had happened we would have been none the wiser. I imagine there was no responsible adult who did know and 12 is not old enough to be taking off for a fairground at night even in a group. They can be dodgy places. James will be paddled but the bear can stay

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I agree with Kier, but the honest problem is that I also agree with Icono.

In this case, the scenario says one thing ('You tell James he can't go and tell him that you feel it is simply not safe.'), but it's kind of open for interpretation, since it doesn't say how I told him.

If I said exactly that, then left him alone the night I knew his friends were going, it could be argued I was trusting him, but it could also be argued I was almost deliberately tempting him. (Yeah, I know - in my mind the issue was settled).

I'm also going to assume that my wife and I had plans before James asked.

What I should have done is explained to James why I was worried about this, and why I didn't want him to go. I'm also going to explain that, if I hadn't already had plans, I would have either gone with him to check it out, or taken him and his friends elsewhere. I will then apologize to him and promise to do better later. Which doesn't change the fact that he did put himself into a bad situation by disobeying me, and so he can hand me the paddle, ditch the pajamas, and hop over my lap.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I Agree with the general consensus....

Hugs kal

John Boy

ditto Kier

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