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BOTD 09-29-2015 I Took Care of It - A DMK Production

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Bransom Postmaster
A DMK Production

Your twelve year old son, Landon, is required to take care of his own laundry.  You note that the laundry seems to be getting out of hand and is starting to be smelly.  You make several requests to Landon to take care of his laundry and he keeps putting it off.  Finally, after threat of a spanking, Landon gathers his laundry and heads to the garage where the machines are at.

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Later on that day Landon is playing video games and you ask about his laundry.  He answers, "I took care of it."

That was yesterday.  Today Landon is off visiting with some friends and you decide to take care of your own laundry.  You are ready to put the load in the dryer and you notice Landon's items are still there.  You assume he simply forgot they were there and are going to put them in a basket and remind him when he gets home.  However, as you remove the items from the dryer, you notice they are still dirty and smelly.  It is obvious Landon simply stashed his dirty laundry in the dryer.

Landon is now home.

What happens?

Can you dig it?


Ahh... the heavenly aroma of dirty sweaty boy...

Why change a good thing? [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Let him wear his dirty clothing to school until his friends start to make fun of him and all...


He can take off the clothes he is wearing and add them to the first load. And while the first load is in the washing machine I will use a paddle to help him keep his rear warm. affraid

More seriously, he gets a chore strike for not doing the laundry, and a spanking for lying to cover it up.

John Boy

He is getting spanked for this, maybe even a restriction. He lied and he ignored chores after threat of punishment.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm going to do the laundry and charge Landon a fee, which coincidentally will happen to be the same as his allowance. He can choose next week either to do his own laundry or be broke as the cost of 'hiring' me.



While I think Kat's idea is probably the most instructive solution, the scenario says he was threatened with a spanking if he didn't deal with his laundry. It would only be in some alternate universe where putting stinky laundry in a clean dryer to avoid doing what you KNOW you were supposed to do that that behavior could be considered "taking care of it" by anyone but a 12 year old.

So I'm going to ditto JB.


He didn't do it it. He lied about it. I echo the others. He's getting paddled


Like Kier I consider Kat's solution to be the most instructive.
So I'll adopt that for not doing his laundry, but I'll also paddle him for lying about having done it........ Evil or Very Mad


I agree with Kier and Ivor - Kat had the best idea, but the scenario made it clear that a spanking had been offered (and honestly, I wouldn't have thought of Kat's idea).

I'm not sure about the lying, because, in 'boy think' he did 'take care of it', which is what you were asking, and what he said he did. Instead, I'm going to ask him if he really wants me to start hanging over his shoulder, telling him, step by step, what he needs to be doing, as well as pointing out that, if he doesn't understand that 'take care of the laundry' means more than 'shove it someplace', I probably won't feel comfortable with him leaving the house alone either.

I think he'll realize that word games aren't really appropriate in all situations.

Yeah, he's getting spanked, and I'll make it very clear that keeping his clothes in the hamper, and washing them, drying them, and putting them away are each a separate chore, so he probably wants to keep up with that, if he doesn't want one or more spankings every week.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Ditto Ivor - (& Ka)t


Ditto jack....

My 14 year old actually tried this when she was 12.... Rolling Eyes

Hugs kal

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