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BOTD 10-01-2015 - Pumpkin Guts! A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

You use spanking as the primary punishment with your sons. Your sons, eight year old Calvin and eleven year old Derek, recently went on a shopping trip with your spouse.  While on the trip your spouse considered some "beauty scrub" made from pumpkin seeds that was on display in one of the mall stores.  When asked why s/he did not make the purchase by the boys the answer was, "It is too expensive."

Derek noted the price was $25.00 (US) for a small bottle and showed Calvin.  Calvin asked, "What is that stuff made from?"  Your spouse wittingly answered, "Pumpkin guts."

The boys had an idea.  They wanted to make pumpkin gut cleaner and sell it.  The problem was they had no pumpkin from which to extract the guts.  (They also had no facility, operating capital, equipment, staff, distribution system, marketing team, or sales force but they didn't think of that.) The details would have to work out later but right now they needed pumpkin guts.

Your neighbor recently put out a large pumpkin in front of his house as a decoration.  Voila!  Problem solved.  Calvin and Derek "borrowed" the neighbor's pumpkin and managed to roll it over to your yard.  The boys agreed they would buy the neighbor a new and bigger pumpkin when they got rich.

You look outside and see:

Calvin - 8 & Derek - 11 (Harvesting the raw materials from your neighbor's pumpkin.)
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You go out and ask what is going on and Derek explains it all including how they sourced the pumpkin.  Calvin adds, "Yeah, we're gonna be rich."

How do you respond?

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Can you dig it?


Not malicious--innocent, and not too bright.

I'm going to talk to them. About how "borrowing" something you don't intend to ever actually return is stealing. That "get rich quick" schemes aren't. We will go buy a new pumpkin. The boys can return it with an apology. (and an offer to help recarve it, if necessary). No spanking. Their hearts were in the right place. I don't want them to learn at such a tender age that "No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished".

John Boy

AFinch wrote:Not malicious--innocent, and not too bright.

I'm going to talk to them.  About how "borrowing" something you don't intend to ever actually return is stealing.  That "get rich quick" schemes aren't.  We will go buy a new pumpkin.  The boys can return it with an apology.  (and an offer to help recarve it, if necessary).  No spanking.  Their hearts were in the right place.  I don't want them to learn at such a tender age that "No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished".


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm going with Kier's answer.



Don't tell me somebody has at long last found a good use for the inside of a pumpkin? Hallelujah!

I'm sure we can placate the neighbour with a replacement pumpkin the cost of which can come out of the boys allowances.


Perhaps I should cook it and stand over them with the strop in my hand while they eat it.Twisted Evil


I'm kind of torn on this, and the only reason Derek isn't already getting switched is because of Cal's tender age.

I understand Kier's sentiments, but I have two problems with them. First, an 11-year old knows that taking things that don't belong to you is the literal definition of stealing, and 'intending to pay it back later,' isn't really acceptable, when you don't have permission. Second, this isn't a case of 'no good deed goes unpunished'. This is a case of 'we're stealing something to sell, and we'll make enough money to replace it later.' If they had planned to make some face scrub for their mom, I might feel a bit different.

As it is, while I approve of their initiative, what they did is totally unacceptable. They're going to apologize to our neighbor (and I'll warn him ahead of time that I consider this serious and would appreciate if he doesn't underplay it), and they're going to replace it out of their own money. A discussion will decide if they'll also be getting sore bottoms.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


After I've stopped myself falling on the floor, I'm going to have to talk to the boys about stealing as that is what society and the law will see this as, whatever the motivation. Businessmen do not start companies by robbing a Bank. They ASK the Bank or rich friends/relations for investment or a loan. Derek at least should understand that.
Both boys should know that taking from a neighbours garden is wrong and so Derek will be feeling the paddle and Calvin my hand. We will then go round to the neighbour and apologise for misappropriating his/her pumpkin.

I don't know whether it was bought or grown by the neighbour but I expect the boys' future income to be depleted somewhat further. May be the rest of the pumpkin can be salvaged for Thanksgiving otherwise the boys also have some clearing up to do


The thing here is that on one hand you have a seemingly cute childish reasoning, without malice, but on the other hand the children in question are too old for it. If this had been a 5 and a 6 year old it would have been cuter. Those two, particularly an 11-year-old, should know better than taking things that belong to other people.

My reaction is going to depend on my knowledge of my sons and the reactions I perceive. If I judge that there really was no malice and only childish thoughtlessness there will be no spankings. Only a chat about stealing and business ethics and a clear indication that next time they steal something, even if they intended to eventually replace it, they will be getting their bottoms reddened. Add some extra chores to compensate for the cost and that will be the end of it.


Pure kid think here!

Unfortunately, as DB pointed out, they are a tad old for this type of thought process to be fully excused. While I'll make certain that their ears are burning, unless they give me 'tude about this their butts won't be.

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