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BOTD 10/04/15 "Service Interruption" A John Boy Production

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David M. Katz

A John Boy Production

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LUKE - 9
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(Nathan and Ethan are brothers / Tyler and Luke are brothers)


My name is Luke, and I am nine years old. My best friend, Ethan, is also nine. We go to the same church and are on the same soccer team. Our older brothers are good friends too. Today I'm in trouble. My friend and I were playing between church services and we found Ethan's older brother, Nathan, working on some computer stuff for the next service.

I am the executive pastor of the local church. I have two boys, Tyler and Luke and they have two friends from church, Nathan and Ethan. Nathan's and Ethan's dad is the tech guru for the church.

There is a stool next to the desk and it spins. We take turns spinning in it. When it is my turn I swear I kicked the power box for all the computers and TV's. I swear I didn't do it on purpose. Nathan's and Ethan's dad comes in and he doesn't look happy. He starts wanting to know why the TV's went blank.  

I was making preparations for the second service when all of the audio and visual equipment went blank.  I asked the tech guru to check it out.

Nathan and Mr. John, another friend who works with the computer stuff,  say it was an accident and they almost had it fixed. Ethan's dad helps them fix it but looks at me and Ethan and says he doesn't want us back there. I think he knows it was my fault 'cause he gave me a look. Now I'm worried he is going to tell my dad. Dad knows we mess around but he is also one of the pastors and always wants things to run smoothly. Dad was busy so I didn't have time to talk to him before the next Sunday school class.

The problem seems to have been corrected quickly.  The tech guru explained the issue. He said that Ethan, his son, and my son, Luke, were playing behind the tech booth. They were spinning in the chairs when Luke kicked the power to the projection source.  He reported that his other son, Nathan, and John, another tech guy, got it fixed. He said the boys are not allowed behind the tech booth now. He really just wanted me to be aware. He said that the boys got a scare and that should be it.

I decided to ask you all what you think is going to happen.

We get spanked when we mess up, yeah, Tyler too still.  But it was an accident and I don't know what Dad is going to say or do. I am worried. I swear it was an accident.  Please help.

Perhaps you all can shed some insight on this issue.

I really think Luke is old enough to understand he shouldn't be playing around in the tech booth but it seems like it was an accident and all is well now.  Maybe all the boys needed was a real life example of why they shouldn't play in certain places?  However, Luke knows how I deal with misbehavior. I am not sure what I am going to say or do.  Please help.


Can you help Luke and his dad?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


No harm, no foul.

Unless they've been specifically told not to play there, it was an accident. It sounds like the lesson has already been learned, and there's no need to belabor it further.

If it's up to me, everyone will be sitting and sleeping comfortably.

John Boy

I have to agree with Kier here. I think the scare was more then any consequence would be.


Yep, put me in the Kier camp too.


Seems to me that if Ethans Dad is going to to let it slide the you should too for Luke beyond maybe a stingoer or too. But there will be a now you know why... sort of lecture and both boys will be left in no doubt as to what will happen if they are caught in that area again whether there is any damage or not


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I'm in the "k club" and also squars with the making very clear that this is not to happen and what will happen if it does...,

Hugs kal


I have to agree with everyone else. If you have a cool place, where other boys are allowed, then you need to make it off limits or set very specific rules. Enforcing rules that you haven't even made yet just makes your kids hate you, so I'd recommend against that.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

Agreed - anyway, that was far too late to be preparing material for a service. It should be a warning also to the pastor not to leave things for the last minute!


Joining the consensus.

John Boy

Few good points brought up. Nathan is one of the techs so that is why he is allowed back there. It wasn't so much sermon prep as it was getting livestream reset for the next service as well as double checking keynote slides were set properly. Keynote= Mac version of Powerpoint. So I guess you could say the tech team was kinda in the go no go phase of prep.

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