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BOTD 10-14-2015 Further Instruction Needed - A DMK Production

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A DMK (Pi Beta - Autumn Parade Inspired) Production

You have two sons.  Hal is eleven and Ian is nine.  Both boys are subject to spanking if needed.

In preparation for an upcoming camping trip you have worked with both boys to instruct them how to properly and safely use small hand axes.  The boys have been able to demonstrate to you that they understand how to use this tool.

The day of the camping trip is here and the boys are excited.  You give Hal and Ian their axes and send them to gather some wood for the camp fire.  It has been a little bit and the boys have not returned to camp so you go to check on them.  You find them and notice Ian is definitely not using his hand axe as instructed and you are concerned he will return home missing some toes.

Hal - 11 and Ian - 9
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Is further instruction needed?  And, if so, what kind?

Can you dig it?


I think this is a case where another demonstration and then having him repeat it is called for. Also explain why what he is doing is unsafe and what might happen. No spanking today.


Hmm, maybe they are too young to be trusted with an axe without supervision? Probably no spanking. Just a firm reminder about safety. I won't be sending them on their own with the axes again, at least for the moment.


I agree with Daniel and Mahoover. This calls for education and supervision, not punishment.

John Boy


David M. Katz

AFinch wrote:I agree with Daniel and Mahoover.  This calls for education and supervision, not punishment.

Me too.

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Though it's a boring response, I agree with the other posters.



Kat wrote:Though it's a boring response, I agree with the other posters.


Agree as well.


Their right to use axes is going to be axed.


Further education and safety shoes.


More education for Ian and want to see if his brother is any better.No punishment


Chipping the dirt is exactly what little children will do when given a hand axe (well, I did). Therefore a new, sharp axe is simply wasted in their hands, so I'm sure I gave them used ones that are no danger for their toes at that kind of activity (shins might bleed a little, though),

I'm with the consensus.


When I was 9, I was using a hatchet to work away at an old stump in my grandparents backyard.

In this case, I'm going to work the boys (Ian specifically) that if they don't use their tools properly, they won't be allowed to have their tools. I will then ask Ian to show me how he's supposed to use it, and we'll talk about what he's doing wrong. Then I'll supervise while we get enough wood for our needs.

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