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BOTD 10-23-2015 Tyler Ulysses, Vance Winston - A Memory Man Production

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A Memory Man Production

You work from home and during the midweek of the summer break you look after your brother's boys 11yo Tyler and 12yo Ulysses.  Your own sons Vance and Winston are 12 & 13 and together they form a tightly knit boisterous and competitive group all of whom have, on occasion, learned to respect the strap that hangs under the stairs.

You work from home, setting up IT systems for small businesses. This morning the boys are playing a competitive video game and their raucous behaviour is reverberating throughout the house.  You are wrestling with a frustrating coding problem and finding it difficult to concentrate with all the racket going on and after telling them several times to "knock it off" with only transient results you've finally had enough.  You go in and pull the plug telling them you are sick of warning them and they can either collect the strap and drop 'em, or else get outside and stack the truck load of split logs that were dumped yesterday in the (yes you've still got one) woodshed.

They evacuate in pretty short order and peace reigns.  After a while your brain goes off the boil and you take a break to check on the boys.  You go outside and see this.

TYLER - 11, ULYSSES - 12, VANCE - 12, WINSTON - 13
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The pile of logs is untouched and Winston calls out cheerily "Hi Dad!  How's this for some peace and quiet?"

Is the woodshed about to be put to another historic use?

Can you dig it?

John Boy

They gave me peace and quiet I will let it pass or at least have them help me stack the wood.


Ditto JB. The boys didn't do anything wrong. They were being boys. The only reason there was an issue is because I was in a bad mood. And that isn't a good reason for them to be punished. Yes, they were "disobedient" in not stacking the logs assigned them as punishment. But, IMO, the punishment was unfair. I'm giving them a pass.


You've achieved what you wanted which was peace and quiet to get on with your work. Admittedly the logs haven't been moved and stacked. Thus I suspect that as the boys are a pretty playful group they won't object too much if you point that out with a smile and then order them to positions themselves over the table with their butts facing you so that you can apply a couple of fairly feelable smacks to each of their butts.


I have to agree with the rest. It doesn't really say why I had a house full of boys this morning, but it's obvious I wasn't prepared to deal with them, and that's my fault, not theirs.

Now, if the wood really needs to be stacked, I'll remind them that they were supposed to do it, but I'm going to help. After all, if I'm as tense as I sound in this scenario, then a bit of a workout before lunch will probably help me before I get back to work.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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Agree with the previous responses. My main aim was to get some peace to be able to work. Stacking the weed may well be a task that needs to be done, but my suggestion that they do that was more to give them something to work off their excess energy than necessarily a task that needed to be completed at that moment. However, now they've had their rest, I think we can all get to work on shifting the wood.


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Ditto Kat......

Hugs kal

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