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BOTD Forbidden Friends - An Eldo Production

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1 BOTD Forbidden Friends - An Eldo Production on Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:24 pm


Bransom Postmaster
Forbidden Friends
An Eldo Production

Your son, Elias, has just turned 15.

Until now, he has been spanked with the wooden hairbrush (if you prefer a paddle for this story, substitute any statements of wooden hairbrush for paddle). Elias is a generally rather well-behaved boy, but he has a mischievous streak which does earn him his fare share of red bottoms. His spankings have been fairly regular, usually one every other month or so, and although they were effective in the day you feel that he has rather outgrown them. His last one barely caused him to flinch. As a result, you have decided to level up your method of punishing him for his infractions, and looked out your grandfather's old leather strap.

On its first use, you had Elias strip off his lower half and bend over his bed. You were surprised how effective the strap was, and rather startled at how badly your son took it. Within a few licks he was sobbing, and by the end he was positively bawling. At several points he tried to cover his bottom with his hand, and at one point even rolled onto his back to try to conceal his backside. You warned him that this would result in further licks if he did not stop, but you did not need to exceed a total of seventeen licks. As you finished, he was squirming and blubbering, most unbecoming of a boy his age, and he begged you never to use the strap on him again. You discussed it with him afterward and he stated that it was far too harsh. He tearfully begs you not to use it again.

As a result, you have thought that perhaps the strap may prove too much for your son. You have planned to retire its use. You tell him that you will reconsider it.

This weekend, you received word from school that Elias and two other boys had got into severe trouble involving throwing paint around in the boys bathroom. You do not permit (or, depending on your location, do not have the option to have) the school discipline your son, believing this to be a father's duty. You confronted Elias about this incident. He confessed the crime, and explained that he and two of his friends were bored and wanted to amuse themselves. You know that the two boys in question also have been in trouble at school in the past. As a result, you explained to Elias that he will be spanked, and that he is forbidden from seeing the two boys again.

You made good use of the wooden hairbrush, spanking his bare bottom quite red. As you know that Elias is fairly resilient to the hairbrush, you have provided him with a spanking that is a good bit longer and harsher than you generally do, being sure to apply a good bit of strength to your swings. Even despite this, Elias barely draws a tear, and aside from the occasional gasp and whimper you do not seem to get much more from him than a usual spanking with the hairbrush, certainly nowhere near the display that you got with the strap.

Nevertheless you considered the matter closed. It is now the weekend following the incident, and you are out shopping. While you collect the groceries for the week, you believed that Elias was still at home doing his homework.

When you leave the store, you catch sight of Elias in the near distance. It is definitely him, you recognise him immediately. You also recognise the two boys who he is with, and know that they are the two boys who joined in with the paint-throwing.

You decide not to go over to Elias as you do not want to embarrass him instead you take out your mobile phone and text him, asking him where he is. As you watch, he takes out his phone and replies, telling you that he is at home working on his homework. You reply to his text telling him that you are further down the street and can see him, and to get his butt over to you NOW. He reads the message, and a look of genuine worry passes over his face. He gets up, says a few words to the other boys and heads over to you, head hung low.

He asks what is going to happen to him now. You tell him that he is in deep trouble. He says "You're not going to use the strap again, are you? You promised that you wouldn't!" You did not exactly 'promise' any such thing. But what will you do now?

Elias, on the right.

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Can you dig it?


I think forbidding adolescents old enough to be out and about by themselves from seeing other classmates is an exercise in futility, and it's forbidden fruit quality is likely to cause the opposite effect. Still, the scenario says that's what I've done.

Elias disobeyed, lied about it, and was literally caught red-handed, or at least red phoned. He promised me he would behave. He didn't keep that promise either.

When we get home, I'm going to tell him that he had sole control over whether he'd get punished or not. He made a choice, got caught in a lie, and now he's going to have to pay the piper. Much as I hate doing it, I'm going to use the strap. And then I'm going to remind him, again, that he alone has the ability to determine whether it ever gets employed again.


I'm going to ditto kier.......

I think maybe I can scale back on the licks a bit from the first scenario were it said 17 licks...

Hugs kal

David M. Katz

I should not have tried to forbid contact.

I am concerned about the blatant lying.

He is in for a session with the brush.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm not at all comfortable with my own behavior here. I set Elias up for a lie, which in my opinion is just as deceitful as his response to my question about where he was. Also, having forbidden him to see his friends, I shouldn't be surprised that he is sneaking around to do it. Expecting obedience on such a thing is pretty pointless, as Kier points out.

I cannot continue to escalate his punishment, either with harsher use of the hairbrush or by implementing the strap. Maybe I need to spend some more time with Elias and get to know his new friends also. It seems pretty harsh to judge them on the basis of one incident.


John Boy

David M. Katz wrote:I should not have tried to forbid contact.

I am concerned about the blatant lying.

He is in for a session with the brush.


I agree with Kat that in phoning him to ask where he was when I already knew the answer to the question is simply lying on my part. Anything resulting from that rather becomes 'forbidden fruit' as far I'm concerned.

I also consider forbidding him to see boys with whom he is at school seems an impossible restriction, unless it is meant to only apply after school. But that also seems illogical as the trouble they caused was at school......

Perhaps I need to find an implement between the hairbrush and the strap?


Like most of the rest, I think I made my share of mistakes in this situation, and it seems like the time to kick back and rectify them.

Honestly, I think 15 is to old to be forcing any type of CP. The brush isn't having an obvious effect, and the strap seems to harsh, so the first thing I need to do is sit down and talk with him about our options. (Actually, the first thing I'm going to do is point out that I made no promises, and anything I did say was contingent upon his own behavior).

Second, I think Kat is right that there are certain situations where a lie is more likely to occur. By handling the situation the way I did, I gave him the chance to be honest and admit his mistake, but I also introduced a complicating factor. Unless I'm a real hardass, who never lies myself, I think I should have just sent him a text, telling him where I was and that he needed to join me now.

I wonder about these other boys, and how I know they've been in trouble at school before. For that matter, I wonder what the trouble was. Instead of forbidding Elias from seeing them, I should have talked to him about why the incident happened, and why I worried about him hanging out with them. Maybe I should get to know them instead.

Elias is in for some punishment when we get home, but since he wasn't grounded and wasn't doing anything wrong, it's going to make an impression, but I don't think it has to be too serious. After that, we're going to have a long talk about a number of things.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


'Well Elias we have a problem. If you are going to disobey me and lie so brazenly to me I have to do something that gets the point across. Now that old brush doesn't seem to do it does it'

My own feeling was not that the strap was wrong but that I think given Elias's fear of it that it shouldn't take 17 licks to get the point across. Also given the boy is now 15 I wonder if using it across one layer of protection would be effective and more appropriate without the disastrous reaction of last time.

Elias gets the strap or two weeks grounding


Punishments need to be dissuasive, but they should not be too much. Maybe I can find a middle ground?

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