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BOTD 11-03-2015 Homework Help - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Your son, Peter, is now thirteen.  Peter is still very much subject to spanking but you have also found another very effective punishment and that is confiscating Peter's cell phone (a fate Peter considers far worse than any spanking he would get.)

It just so happens that Peter is currently being punished for a rather severe curfew issue and has lost his phone for a week despite him begging you to spank him instead. You keep Peter's phone in the drawer of your night stand in your room and Peter knows this (you don't know he knows this.) Anyway, Peter is not allowed in your room without your permission.

Peter is four days into his punishment and you happen to walk by and see:

PETER - 13
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You ask Peter what he is doing and how it is he has his phone.  Peter says he needed to ask his best friend Kyle a question about homework and so he grabbed his phone from your room to ask.  Peter says he was going to put it back after he asked his question.

You take Peter's phone and look at the text history and see:

PETER:  Hey I did a dumb and didn't write down the math homework.  What is it?

KYLE:  First ten problems on page 103.


That is all that is there.

(For the record, had Peter asked you for his phone to check on the assignment you would have directed him to call Kyle on the land line.)

Is Peter in for additional punishment?  If so, what?

Can you dig it?


Since there's no evidence that he took the phone for anything else than asking the homework question I'm not going to punish him further. He probably thought that, since it was for a legitimate reason, it was OK. However, I'll talk to him and explain that he needs to ask permission before coming into my room, and that he also needs to ask before taking his phone when it's been confiscated. I'll make it clear that if it happens again he'll be in trouble.


Assuming that Pete is an only child, or that no one else has been spanked for this, I'm going to let it go. I will stress to him that grounded means grounded, not when he thinks it's okay, and that my room is my room. If he doesn't cop a 'tude, I'll let it go with that.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm in agreement with Daniel and Jack. Since so many people use texts rather than actual voice conversations to communicate, I may need to rethink confiscating the phone.



I'm going to agree with everyone else. Everyone I know tends to text far more than they telephone. I guess Peter could have e-mailed or skyped, since the scenario says only his phone was taken, and not other electronics. But three lines to get a homework assignment seems more responsible than reprehensible to me.


Perhaps he was scared to ask to use the landline in case either you refused outright or asked why he needed it and would then spank him for forgetting to take details of his homework?

As with everyone else I'll give him a pass on this occasion.


I'm feeling benevolent on my return.  

Peter's phone wasn't locked away, he knew where it was all the time and had resisted the temptation to sneak access to it while I was out.  Even on this occasion he restricted himself to a single legitimate use.

Since he has shown responsibility I'll give him the chance to regain his phone early in exchange for a proportional spanking. (mild, but he wont know in advance)

Pi Beta

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If that is all in the text history, I shall be amazed since I am sure that the phone should have lots of incoming texts from his friends from the last 4 days. It strikes me that he must have dealt with these and deleted their history, leaving only the homework one remaining.

I will now also check the call history to see if he has been equally diligent in erasing incoming and any outcoming calls there may have been. (Evil me may even have sent a text or call in the last 4 days so I can check on him, but I'll assume that this time I've not done such a check!).

It is circumstantial evidence, but it seems extremely likely that he has used it without my knowledge for more than this one homework question.

He's going to get third degree questioning, including being asked whether, if I ring his friend or friend's father, he will be able to confirm convincingly that this has been the only such communication during the 4 days.

If I find he has been using the phone more than this one time, the confiscation of it will restart from today being day 1. There will also be a warning that if I subsequently find out that he has violated the original confiscation, a "more than mild" spanking will ensue.

(I think you're all being too gullible!)


I'm going to agree with Db and jack

Hugs kal

John Boy

ditto Jack


I might just taker Peter on face value this time because Kidthink may have made Peter believe this was the right way to go about it. BUT, next time I expect him to ask permission and it will be on the landline. No slack will be cut if he accesses his phone when its impounded or that he is in our room without permission

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