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BOTD 11-04-2015 The Unthinkable - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

Your thirteen year old son, Damon, is active in school athletics. He is a good athlete but is certainly no superstar.  Today is the school's athletics awards assembly.  Damon is going to be recognized with a few participation awards but the "big prizes" have eluded him.

Damon is asked by one of the coaches to help set things up.  Among Damon's tasks are to help move the various trophies to a table in the assembly area.

DAMON - 13 (Surveying the various awards)
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During the set-up something comes over Damon and he deliberately damages and/or destroys most of the trophies during a time where the supervising coach has stepped away.

You are called to the school.  You cannot believe your son would do this act but he admits to doing it saying, "I don't know what happened, I was just upset that I wasn't getting one."

Damon is suspended for three days and you will be charged for the replacement awards.  You take your son home.

What happens? (Damon is subject to spanking if needed.)

Can you dig it?


Has Damon had previous outbursts of similar impulsiveness?  If so, he needs to be seeing a counselor, if he isn't doing so already.  If not, I'm going to need a better explanation than "I was just upset I wasn't getting one".  We'll talk, but it's unlikely anyone would miss their point spread betting the talk is going to end up with Damon OTK.  Unless there's a VERY good medical/psychological explanation, this is wanton disrespect and disregard for others.

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John Boy

Ditto Kier


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I think I'm in agreement with Kier. It seems to me there has to be more to an outburst like this than disappointment over not getting a big award.



Ditto kier....

Hugs kal

David M. Katz

I am mostly with Kier too although I am not so sure that some time with a counselor (even the school counselor) isn't needed. If he isn't currently seeing a professional then I think I will make arrangements for that.

Unless there is some deep emotional/psychological reason for this behavior then Damon will find sitting to be difficult for a while. Despite his feelings this was still a very selfish and disrespectful act. It looks like I will be paying for the damages up front but, rest assured, Damon will be paying me back either through his allowance or extra chores.

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I follow the consensus. We're having a talk, and I'd say he's got a deluxe session with the brush coming - based on the scenario, there is simply no excuse for what he's done. Even if replacing the trophies is no big deal financially, this is vandalism, and it's intolerable.

I do agree with DMK that we need to have him see a councilor, though. I'm spanking, because I want him to understand that what he did was wrong and that there is no excuse for it. However, if he really has an impulse control problem that bad, we need to help him learn to deal with it now.

One mitigating factor: The only thing I can see that would lessen his spanking is if I find out that there has been a lot of bullying or favoritism on the team. That won't change the fact that he was wrong, but it might make his impulsive reaction more understandable.

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Unfortunately I suspect that Damon has burned his boats at that school. The pupils to whom the trophies were to be given and their parents and friends will be understandably upset at what Damon has done and, whether or not he has been being bullied, I can't see him being able to fit back into the company of those whose trophies he has vandalised in three days, three weeks, three months or even three years' time.

That will be the giste of my initial talk with him as I try to find out just why he flipped - pointing out just how difficult he has now made things for himself. I think the realisation of having to move to another school with all the upheaval that will involve will be enough of a punishment if, as I suspect, he's been happy previously at his school. (If he's been desperately unhappy, of course, but not let me or anyone else know that, then a change of school may be a godsend to him.)

I don't see counselling as a panacea for all ills, but this may well be a situation where Damon may benefit from someone totally independent being called in.

Only if this was something that was quite deliberately planned by him rather than a spur of the moment blip will I be spanking him - and in that case it will be a spanking to end all spankings.

Meanwhile, I need to find that alternative school!


I need to know what got into Damon. This is almost beyond the scope of being dealt with by a spanking. So I need Damon to calm down and then talk to me. I'm not taking spanking off the table and will be a hard one if I do but for an act that could leave us needing a new school for Damon and I want to get it right.

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