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BOTD 11-05-2015 Fitz And the Tantrum - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

You have a seven year-old son, Fitz.  You use spanking with Fitz when needed.

Fitz is currently playing with his toy cars on the living room floor.  Fitz prefers this floor to the carpet in his bedroom.

FITZ - 7
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You are hosting some friends for a casual dinner this evening and you are currently do

ing some light cleaning and preparations.  The guests should arrive in a couple of hours.

You ask Fitz to take his cars to his room and play there.  You need to clean the floor he is playing on and you also don't want the toy cars laying around being a trip hazard.

Fitz continues to play in the living room while you continue with your preparations.  You give Fitz a couple of reminders but he seems to be ignoring you.  You are now needing to work in the spot where Fitz is playing and so you start to gather up his toys telling him he needed to take them to his room but since he didn't you will be taking them there for him.  Fitz starts knocking the cars out of your hands and begins kicking and crying and screaming that he doesn't want to play with his cars in his room.

What now?

Can you dig it?


I will start with at time out. I will pick Fitz up and carry him to his room and set him on his bed. Once we are both seated on the bed, I will tell him he needs to calm down. When he has calmed down some, I will let him out of his room. If he leaves his room and continues to throw a fit, he will get a hand spanking.


The RAF Dog Handler's Manual has a preface the reads "A man always ends up with the dog he deserves." When I was first learning about dog training, as a little boy, I didn't understand that phrase.

I've ended up with the kid I deserve. I've already given him four warnings, and he's ignored all of them. And I've let him do it. Like Mahoover, I'm going to carry him to his bed, non-violent crisis intervention style, and tell him he needs to calm down. Immediately. If he can't or won't, or if he refuses to stay put as told, he'll get a spanking. At 7, my hand should be all that's required.


I will carry Fritz to his room and spank him! That should cure his tantrum! Later I will take up the carpet in his room, he is right about that! Carpet can't really be cleaned, grows bacteria etc. It should never have been in a boys room!


John Boy

ditto Kier


Editor Extraordinaire
I agree with Mahoover and Kier about how to intervene with Fitz. I agree with Icono about carpet --disgusting stuff. (What did I expect but fits from a kid named Fitz?)


David M. Katz

Kat wrote:I agree with Mahoover and Kier about how to intervene with Fitz. I agree with Icono about carpet --disgusting stuff. (What did I expect but fits from a kid named Fitz?)


Yeah, what he said. Very Happy

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Apart from taking out the carpet, I'm in agreement.


ivor wrote:Apart from taking out the carpet, I'm in agreement.

Maybe a piece of plywood that he can use to play cars on...

Other than that, if I was going to spank, I should have stepped in several warnings ago.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I can see how cars run better on a hard floor but Fitz has to understand that we also have to entertain here.
He has disobeyed and behaved very badly so he will be picked up, carried to his room and will get a handspanking. In addition the cars will be going to the Pound, aka a locked cupboard in my study. Fitz will get them back tomorrow


The cars are just a side issue.

I learned the unprofitability of tantrums at an earlier age than seven - often with my bottom bared.  Thereby gaining a very important life skill.

So did my kids.

The lesson may be harder now but its time for Fitz to lose his pants and become a late starter.

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