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BOTD 11/8/15 "Anything For A Friend" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Byron is your thirteen year old son.

Dean is also thirteen and is Byron's very best friend.

Byron and Dean have been friends since they were toddlers when Dean and his parents moved into the house across the street from you.  You, your spouse and Dean's parents are all very close friends.

Byron and Dean are like brothers and Dean considers you and your spouse to be like a second set of parents and Byron feels the same way about Dean's parents. The boys are inseparable and Byron spends a lot of time at Dean's house and Dean is also a regular fixture at your house.  You and Dean's parents share mutual punishment authority, including spanking, with both boys.  You have had occasion to have Dean over your knee over the past ten years and Byron has experienced a sore bottom from Dean's parents on occasion as well.

DEAN (Red Pants) & BYRON (Blue Shorts) Both 13
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Dean's parents had opportunity to take a cruise as a second honeymoon and you gladly agreed to let Dean stay with you while they were away.  Dean's parents will be gone for two weeks.

You collect vintage toy action figures and have them displayed in your home office.  The boys are welcome to look at your collection anytime they want but your rules are that they need permission and, if they are wanting to handle any of the toys, then you need to be there. Both Byron and Dean are fully aware of your rules.

Today, Dean slips into your office without permission.  His intent is to borrow some paper from your printer and go right back out.  You just added a vintage Star Wars figure to your collection and it catches Dean's eye.  He picks it up to get a closer look and accidentally drops it and the head breaks off.  Dean places the decapitated figure and its head on your desk and runs out of your office.

Byron notices his friend is very upset.  Dean tells Byron what happened and is very worried because he knows you will spank him.  Dean takes piano lessons and is away for his lesson when you get in from work.  Byron comes to you and tells you that he went in your office and broke your new figure.  You remind Byron of the rules and tell him that is exactly why the rules are in place.  You give Byron a spanking.

Byron is in his room calming down when Dean comes back in from his lesson.  Dean says he needs to talk to you.  Dean tells you about the broken figure and confesses that he is responsible.

What now?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I can't take back Byron's spanking, and will consider he was spanked for lying anyway.

I'm going to commend Dean for coming clean, but his pants are about to come down, and his bottom is about to suffer the same fate as his best friend's.

John Boy

ditto Kier.

Joking Dad me would tell the boys the next time they may want to get their stories set so only one butt fries. Razz


Editor Extraordinaire
There really is nothing to do but spank Dean also. I think Byron's false confession came from a good place, so I'll give him credit for it. I'll be tactful, but I'm going to acquaint him with the expression "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."



If they are indeed as close as the scenario indicates I doubt Dean would be happy unless he is spanked to even things up even though he was worried about it happening.

I don't really see Byron's confession as lying though. I might even give him a 'get out of jail free' card.

( I presume the figure that was broken was of CP30? Laughing )


Honestly, if this had happened in my library, and I had total faith in the story I'd been told (picking it up to look at it and accidentally dropping it), I don't think I would have spanked. That's one of those things that's so hard to judge....

However, in this case I leaned the other way apparently, and I agree with everyone else. If I've already given one spanking for a confession for this, I have to give the other. On the other hand, as a dad, I'm left wondering which boy is really telling the truth, and if I should spank again, or if I should already considered the subject closed.

I think the three of us are going to sit down and have a talk. Like most of the rest, I think Dean won't feel right until he's evened the scales... Or maybe I should just leave him on the hook until the next time Byron gets in trouble.

Now I just want to know where James is.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


"Greater love has no man than this"............................?  A somewhat downgraded interpretation of the Bible but in this case Byron's sacrifice has been in vain.

I'm going to call the boys together to verify the truth and the circumstances.  Then after praising Dean for having the courage and honesty to come forward and confess I'm going to spank him.  It will be a moderate spanking, but strong enough to get the point across.

Regarding Byron - he's already paid the price of a bad call and I'll leave it there.  On the positive side he's poured some extra cement into an already strong friendship and no doubt a discussion on future strategy will be in the offing.


Dean has to get what Byron got. I doubt if he'd be happy otherwise. I may be able to go easy on Byron another time but I shant let him know that


I'm in agreement with y'all....

Hugs kal

David M. Katz

Jack wrote: I don't think I would have spanked.  


We are looking in to this phenomenon but it does appear Jack, as we know him, has been abducted by aliens and replaced. alien alien alien

Our best experts are on this and we are sure the real Jack will be back with us soon. Razz

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


lol! OMG your to funny Katz.....
Thanks for the good laugh

Hugs kal


Byron has confessed and been punished, the matter is closed!  The rest is between the boys.  

But I will remind both boys of The Five Words:  I have nothing to say!
and play this song for them:  ,


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