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BOTD 11-11-2015 Color it Pink - An Ivor Production

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Color it Pink
An Ivor Prodution

The picture is of your 14 year old son Alex and his 13 year old brother Ric. Besides being brothers the pair are extremely close and due to the very short gap between their birth actually are in the same class/grade at school. They share the same interests and enthusiasms and it is very rare for just one of them to be in trouble - not that they get in trouble that much, but they do have a liking for pranks which in the pat have led to sore butts. That though appears to be a price they are willing to pay.

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Currently you and the boys are on holiday a fairly luxurious tropical hotel which you have all been enjoying. It is very early morning when you decide to go for a dip in the hotel pool and are surprised to see the boys there as early rising is not one of their features. You suggest the boys join you, but they decline so you dive in on your own.

As you start swimming you notice the water changing color and start to turn purple. Being a chemist you soon deduce that somehow the boys have managed to acquire some potassium permanganate crystals which they have put into the water.

You know the effect will be temporary and they will do no harm but you intend to turn a couple of butts pink when you get out and have dried off. However, before you can do that the hotel management contact you and make a complaint to you about the boys' behaviour as one of their staff saw them putting the crystals in the water. Will this affect how you punish them?

Can you dig it?


This is one of those things where the boys probably have no idea how the potassium permanganate will react with the chemicals normally in the pool water, or how the hotel management might react to them being caught - as actually happened.

A lot depends on the managements reaction, but I'm not especially happy with them. I don't mind jokes, but I do dislike thoughtless jokes with outcomes that can't be foreseen. At their ages, I think a dose of the brush should make my unhappiness clear.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Y Lee Coyote

A somewhat off topic comment first.

That grip the boy is about to clamp down with on his brother's brain case reminds me of Spock's Mind Grip.  I guess that the boys are going to be planning some more mischief. Smile


There are several comments about potassium permanganate on the all knowing web which indicate that it is used as a disinfectant and even in pools.  Unless they had a long term plan and brought the stuff from home, they probably found it about the pool area and it was an impulsive prank.  Perhaps it left out by the staff or perhaps found when trespassing in some storage area that should have been locked.  I think that means that the pool would not have to be drained which could be an expensive extra on our bill.

A simple basic spanking and brief lecture sound right to me.  It vacation time for all and lets hope for the best.



I agree with the previous posters. It's not the crime of the century, and wasn't dangerous to anyone. A "normal", not upgraded, spanking should send the desired message.

Should management choose to make an issue of this matter, I'll be interested in learning where the boys obtained the potassium permanganate. If it is Y Lee postulated, turnabout will be fair play.

David M. Katz

Take Jack's handling of this and add in Coyote's observations and Kier's consensus and shake well and you have my Ditto.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


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I'll join with the others.


Y Lee Coyote

David M. Katz wrote:... shake well ...

No. No! NO!!

STIR -- not shaken -- STIR !!!

Y.  Laughing


Skater wrote:before you can do that the hotel management contact you and make a complaint to you about the boys' behaviour as one of their staff saw them putting the crystals in the water. Will this affect how you punish them?

Not really, unless the hotel's reaction goes beyond making a complaint. I'll just apologize and assure them that I'll discipline my sons and that it won't happen again. Then I'll give them the punishment I planned to give anyway, along with a good talking to.

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