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BOTD 11/22/15 "What Happens Next?" A Memory Man Production

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David M. Katz

What Happens Next?
A Memory Man Production

You are the father of two boys Callum (9) and Jimmy (4)

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Callum is bright and full of (mainly innocent) mischief and constantly testing limits.  You spank him when he crosses them.  Your spouse though tends to be rather prim and old fashioned and her "limits of behaviour" are much tighter than yours.  She is also a fully paid up member of  the "Wait 'till your father gets home school."

Callum once had a short spell exploiting your differing standards by playing you and your spouse off against each other but that came to an abrupt end when you reached an agreement to back each other's decisions 100% and discuss any disagreement afterwards in private.  This wasn't a perfect solution since you sometimes found yourself spanking Callum for something you would probably have let go with a warning.  On these occasions he would be lucky enough to get up from your lap sporting a pink, rather than a red bottom.

Jimmy, on the other hand is an opposite character, he is a quiet kid with sunny nature who has never needed spanking; his little peccadilloes are easily sorted with a few sharp words or an occasional light pre-emptive swat on his trousered rump.  In spite of their differences in age and character he idolises his big brother who, in turn, also has time for him.

Today you come home from work to find both boys banished to their rooms and your spouse fulminating over Callum's latest escapade in which Jimmy was involved.  You demur over spanking Jimmy for it but she snaps back "He joined in and he has to learn sometime."

You dutifully make your way upstairs with the phrase "Storm in a teacup" in mind but you are also very angry with Callum, blaming him for involving little Jimmy so you visit him first and take him to task on this issue prior to thoroughly warming his tail across your lap. Then you on to deal with little Jimmy.

Jimmy tears up as soon as you enter his room.  He comes over to you and tearfully throws his arms round your neck saying "I'm sorry I was naughty Daddy."  Instinctively you hug him tightly but as your hug relaxes his crying intensifies "Mummy says you are going to smack my bare bottom really hard like Callum's" he sobs.

You sigh and ..............................?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

The Cappadocian

I suppose this will be one of those pink rather than red cases. It seems like just the anticipation was ample punishment for Jimmy but turning back now would send the wrong message to Jimmy and not be entirely fair to Callum.


I agree with Cap. And at 4, even without the emotional overlay, just a couple of smacks from a disapproving parents will feel "really hard".

John Boy

for a four year old a pink bottom is the "worst spanking of his life" so it will do.


I sigh and I decide right then I will NO LONGER support my wife in her punishment decisions!!! My wife is NOT and never has been a boy!! So I will ask questions and come to my own conclusions.



Editor Extraordinaire
My problem is wondering why my spouse doesn't handle the spanking herself if she feels it's so necessary. I really dislike being the heavy. Since this is the arrangement I've made, I'll do as the others; however, Wifey and I are going to come to a new understanding about our respective roles. If she is going to be the judge and jury, then she can also be the executioner.



I'm inclined to agree with Kat, although I suspect this might not work out too well for the boys - especially little Jimmy - as it seems wifey runs a much tighter ship.

As for the current situation, I also agree that a couple of smacks will suffice.


This was really hard for me to answer, because I just can't put myself into the place of the dad in the scenario, not just because of the mom making decisions with which I disagree, then expecting me to enforce them, but with leaving a 4-year old to wait, while I deal with his older brother.

Having said that, considering what the scenario says, I will make a huge production of baring Jimmy's bottom and putting him over my lap, then giving him several fairly light, stinging smacks. I'm sure it won't take much to make a big impression on him.

However, going with my first instinct, I'm calling Sir Emlyn's divorce attorney. (Not really, but if I'm going to enforce the rules, then I'm going to have a LOT more input into setting them).

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Well I'm not sure why didn't deal with little Jimmy first. However, I do think 4 year olds capable of mischief requiring a smack but I don't think it needs to be as fierce as for a 9 year old. Reading between the lines also Callum was the main influence At this point I don't know what Jimmys threshold is but I think it will be just enough to bring a few tears and lots of apologies for his Mommy and then we will talk about not doing naughty things just because your brother says

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