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BOTD 11-26-2015 The Boys with the Busted Buns - A Jack Production

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The Boys with the Busted Buns
A Jack Production

Lately, your middle two sons, Nolan and Clayton (13 and 14, respectively), have been having trouble getting along.  They've always been best friends, and you're a bit upset with that, but you know they'll have to work it out themselves.  However, you did get tired of their constant fighting and bickering, and you finally put your foot down, that if they couldn't behave civilly towards each other, at least where you and others had to hear it, you'd 'give them something to cry about.'

Since that ultimate a couple of weeks ago, they've at least been treating each other better, and you'd begun hoping they could patch things up.  This week is the week of Thanksgiving, and the boys are on vacation from school.  Apparently that was just too much time together, and they fell back into one habit.  You gave them one warning yesterday, but it didn't take.  Today, you ended up wearing their rear ends out for them.  You took them in your bedroom, so they could have some privacy, despite the fact that the house is full of boys.

Normally you would have spanked the boys in your office.  You are definitely giving them corner time on this occasion, and the two boys are doing it with their bottoms still bare (and red), them still sobbing hard, and their arms around each others shoulders.  However, since you don't have your computer, you end up going in and out of the room, trying to keep half an eye on them, without having to just stand their for 15 minutes.

Brandon (left - Cool, Eli (bottom - 9), Clayton (top - 14) and Nolan (right - 13)

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Two weekends before this one just past, your youngest, Eli, and his best friend, Brandon, were spanked by Brandon's parents for harassing Brandon's sister.  The next weekend, you spanked the two of them for trying to break into the storage room where you keep a lot of your expensive collectibles and memorabilia.  At that point, you found out that both sets of spankings were for things the boys were doing to 'practice being spies'.  After they'd recovered, you got them a couple of books on sleight of hand, and explained how important that kind of skill was for spies, hoping to distract them to magic tricks.

You've gone into the utility room to get some laundry, and you pass the two little guys.  They ask you if Nolan and Clayton got spanked, and you tell them to mind their own business.  You then carry a load of towels upstairs, fill the boys hall closet, then take the remainder to your own bedroom.  When you enter your room, it turns out the little guys are once again spying.

You try to get their attention quietly, but they both jump, alerting the older boys that they've been discovered.  Now the big brothers are out for blood.  You can understand the little guys curiosity, but you warned them about spying, and they're not really supposed to be in your bedroom anyway.  Are you going to chase the little boys off, or is it time for the big boys to get A View to a Spank?

Can you dig it?


The little guys have already been spanked for this, twice. Spanking them again, really just a few days later, isn't likely to change their minds. They're enjoying their game, and the spanking is "worth it".

I guess my involvement will depend on what exactly is meant by "out for blood". If it's the same hyperbole as "being killed", I'm going to let the bigger boys handle it. Maybe that will make an impression I (and Brandon's parents) haven't been able to make. If I'm afraid they'll really harm the littles, then the big guys will get their "View to a Spank"--it's only fair. And while there's a limit to how much one can escalate with 9 year olds, if I have to spank, it will be memorable enough to put a stop to spying, at least for a while. Just hearing the opening notes to the James Bond Theme will cause their little bottoms to tingle.

David M. Katz

Kier's response seems reasonable to me.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I suspect the two little ones now expect the sky is going to fall on them.....

While I tend to agree with Kier that a further spanking for the same offence isn't likely to achieve much in normal circumstances unless it was very severe, I suspect that a normal level one given in front of the older boys just might - as well as being payback for the latter.


I think a token spanking in front of the big guys and a warning of worse to come might work. Exposing in both senses and shaming the boys may succeed wher trying to whack them into submission failed. Perhaps this might help draw the older boys together as well

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Pi Beta

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I'm with Ivor on this

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A view to a spank may be the ideal solution here thus diverting the older boys anger.

It might even facilitate some brotherly bonding.

Well!  I can hope - can't I?

John Boy

They did break the rules so I think that they need some stinging rears and definitely some burning ears.


I sympathize with the boys' playfulness and curiosity, but they need to respect other people's privacy. The fact that the were recently punished for the same thing does not make it better. They are going to get spanked in front of the older boys. I'll tell Nolan and Clayton afterwards that the little ones have already been punished and that should settle the matter.


I don't really see this as the same sort of 'playing spy' behavior that's gotten the boys in trouble in the recent past. Since I do see being someplace they know they're not supposed to be as a rules violation. I think there is no question that I'd spank in this case. Since they let the older boys know they were being spied upon, the older boys can watch the little ones get spanked, then they can all line up against the wall to finish their corner time.

BTW - this is not a RL scenario. While Nolan and Clayton Marchant did get paddled and corner time exactly as described, the littles never came into it. I was doing exactly what the scenario says, putting away towels, when I saw some of the cubbies at the breakfast table, trying to decide on an activities badge to work on. I told them to make a list of the ones they were interested in doing, that none of them had, then I'd help them chose in a few minutes. Seeing my two former spies there acted as the inspiration for this scenario.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

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