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BOTD 11/27/15 "Toby The Turkey" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

Toby is your thirteen year-old son.  You do spank Toby when needed.  It has been six months since Toby's last spanking.

TOBY - 13
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Every year, you, your siblings and parents rotate the hosting of the family Thanksgiving dinner. This year your family Thanksgiving dinner will be at your parents' home.  It is a bit of a trip and so you, your spouse, and  Toby head out early.  Toby says he wants to stay home but that is not something you will even entertain and you tell Toby he has to go. Toby has known about the trip for months.  Still Toby is very whiny.  Toby is not well behaved on the trip and you and your spouse are happy when he finally falls asleep for a couple of hours.

When you all arrive, the first thing Toby does is insult his aunt's outfit.  Toby then gets fussy and argumentative of being placed at the kids' table.  Your mother does some creative seating changes and works it out for Toby to not have to be at the kid table.  Toby then is in the kitchen picking at the turkey, trying to steal a slice of pie, and complaining about how he hates green beans and sweet potatoes.  Toby is sent outside to join his cousins in a football game.  Toby whines about the game and ends up picking at one of the younger cousins.  Toby then comes inside and tries to take over the TV.  Everyone is interested in the parade but Toby says he wants to see something else.

Toby seems to find a reason to argue, whine, complain, or roll his eyes at just about everything.  Everyone else is beginning to take notice and, in fact, a couple of your brothers have made private comments to you.  You pull Toby aside and give him the ultimatum to "straighten up or else."

It is time for dinner and everyone is seated.  Toby starts saying how he doesn't like turkey. (This is news to you and, remember, Toby was picking at the bird a little earlier.) Toby refuses to even try the green beans or sweet potatoes.  That would have been ok if he hadn't insulted your mother and sister and their cooking in passing them up.  Things seem to be calming down when Toby starts throwing rolls at his cousins at the kid table.

You are sitting next to your father and he leans over and whispers (not so quietly) and tells you that the paddle he used to use on you and your siblings is still hanging in the hall closet.

What do you do?

Do you put that old paddle to use?

Do you wait until you get Toby home to spank him?

Do you give Toby one more last chance?

Do you simply ignore Toby's behaviors?

Something else?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I can't understand why I waited so long Mad

Whilst the rest won't witness, they will all KNOW.


It's a holiday, and I don't want to spoil it. Though Toby already pretty much has.

I'm going to thank my dad, and excuse Toby and myself for a private talk. I'm going to let Toby know he's gotten on everyone's last nerve, and that even his grandfather is disturbed enough by him to have told me where the paddle is still kept (Jack has a different relationship with all of his boys, including grandchildren--for me, growing up, I could have been a poster child for the "if mom says no, ask grandma" t-shirts--except they didn't exist back then). Whether that talk is just a talk, or "a talk" will depend entirely on Toby's response to it. If he reacts as I think he will, since he's been unable to keep himself from being a brat all day, then as MM said, everyone will hear and know, though no one will witness. He'll get one last chance to settle down before we leave our private space, but most likely it's time for a reset.


He has managed to irk everyone and no doubt upst his Grandmother and aunt. Teen attitude is not unusual but Toby has taken it way too far. I'm sure my parents wont mind if I take Toby off to an upstairs room and take that paddle with me. I Think it might be the room over the dining room. Embarassed One of the things I might say to Toby before I wear him out is that I really should have left him on the kids table because he certainly isn't behaving like an adult

Toby can come down when he feels he can apologize for his behaviour and wants to rejoin the party. If not he can go hungry


Honestly, unless Toby acts like this on a regular basis, I'm going to assume that I've been a jerk, and there's a serious problem.

I am going to pull him aside, explain to him that being in a bad mood is understandable, but that the way he's acting is unacceptable.

Of course, I'm not going to make him eat anything he doesn't want, but if he doesn't want what's on the table, he can just go hungry, and he can quit talking about it.

If he wants to talk we can talk. If he wants to sit in a room by himself until time to go, he can do that. Otherwise, he can come back out, behave, or get his butt busted.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

John Boy

ditto Jack


I'm with MM. Today's behaviour should have been stamped on much earlier and not allowed to reach the stage where he is being a pain in the butt to everyone there.

So, now he can have his own personal pain in the butt - and I hope everyone else there knows about it.


Stevie wonders if Toby is feeling ill and hiding it...


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