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BOTD 11/28/15 "Betsy Wetsy Has A Little Accident" An Anonymous Production

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David M. Katz


An Anonymous Production

You are a 1958 father of two, seven year old Cindy and 9 year old Tommy. It is just after Christmas and the present Cindy wanted most was a Betsy Wetsy doll... it was expensive at nearly six dollars but you gave in, and Santa left one under the tree to her delight...


Tommy Did Well At Christmas Too:
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Unfortunately, Tommy has had an inspiration after making chocolate milk with Bosco Syrup:


He and his best friend Mickey get the scathingly brilliant notion that, if they feed Betsy Wetsy with Bosco instead of water, it will look like she's pooped rather than wet...

This is the co-conspirator, Mickey, who is nine as well:
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They spooned a quantity of the chocolate into the plastic squeeze bottle and proceed to make the worst mess in the living room that you have ever seen - there is chocolate syrup all over the place including on your new sofa and the fashionable new broadloom you had installed a few months ago - you realise that very expensive professional cleaning is going to be required to set things right and all...

Tommy looks up at you with an innocent expression and says calmly: "It wasn't our fault, daddy... Betsy Wetsy got diarrhoea and couldn't hold it."

What do you do now?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Sounds like the sort of thing most 9 year olds, not just the anonymous guy from one of the wonders of the world, would think hysterical. Until it backfired. And it has.

1958? New broadloom. Expensive cleaning, if that even works? He's toast. He'll be getting the spanking of his young life.

David M. Katz

I agree with Kier. Attitudes were somewhat different in 1958 and I am sure Tommy found sitting difficult for a very long time.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


"No shit, Tommy?"

I reckon Tommy is going to be wishing Christmas had never happened or that Santa had done a fly past instead of dropping in.


Christmas or not, its 1958 and Tommy's pants are coming down and all .....


Even in the 70s, I found that discipline went back to normal very rapidly once gift opening was done.

In this case, little Stevie will have a chance to explain to me how this wasn't just a mean joke at his sisters expense. If he can, he'll be getting off with just a lecture on unexpected consequences and a moderate spanking. If he can't, I think he'll be getting a taste of the hairbrush.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

This will be a Christmas he'll remember for a very long time - the Christmas he first experienced the impact of leather on bottom - not a heavy belt, but one that would have left his skin raw for as long as the cleaning process takes!

Y Lee Coyote

The description makes it sounds like Tommy used a whole can of chocolate syrup.  This must be an exaggeration.  I would think a spoonful or two at most like he would have used in a glass of milk.

I also wonder about some other things -- was Besty properly dressed, er, diapered and with her plastic pants to prevent leaks?  Did she have her bib on?  If not was this the manufacturer's fault or the resident caretaker?

That all said, Tommy has a lot of explaining to do about breaking other rules such as food (especially liquids) in the newly redecorated living room and taking his little sister's toys.

Finally, is this just a case of unintended consequences?



One would be surprised at the mess made by a few spoonfuls of chocolate syrup when they are squirted all over the furniture.... especially if it's repeated a couple of times...

Also, the chocolate syrup dries to a gummy mess which completely plugs up Betsy Wetsy's little insides and ruins both the crying and peeing functions forever...

Little Tommy is getting a very good bare bottom spanking and all...

Stevie... Twisted Evil

(Jack made a mistake - the boy's name is Tommy and all)

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I think calling a doll Betsy Wetsy (I mean good grief, what were they thinking?) a godsend to lively little boys. If I have a sense of humour I may find myself laughing along with the little rascals. Sadly I think they will be feeling my slipper and then helping Mom clear up the mess. Betsy Wetsy may need a change of clothes. I wonder if she had spare sets and accessories like Barbie

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