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BOTD 12/11/15 "To Spank Or Not" A Squarecutter Production

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David M. Katz

A Squarecutter Production

That’s me , Rob, 16, the big lump in the middle, with my two half brothers, Carson, 9, and Morris, just 7.
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Dad divorced when I was 5 and got custody of me, He remarried and the folks had these two munchkins. Christmas Hols have started and I’ve been landed with a problem.

Thing is I’m kid-sitting, well none of us are babies. The boys were supposed to be picking up their room. Me? I was just doing some school ordained holiday reading and just went to check out the little guys and even help out( I really am a nice guy.) Well, ok, it also looks good if I can keep the kids on task. Apart from cheesy seasonal pop songs, there was nothing or no one. I’d just finished searching the house when I caught them sneaking in the back door with arms and mouths full of contraband candy and traces of purple soda on Morris’s mouth. Yep, didn’t need Poirot to know that that this weeks’ hard (un)earned allowance had been taken care of. Trouble is, in this house, sneaking out without saying is a sure way to a sore butt and we all know it. Moreover Christmas is not quite close enough to persuade Dad not to do his duty by them.

I blew my top about them taking advantage and told them to finish up their room before the folks got home. A little later the boys came down to say they’d finished. Carson then asked me to spank them!!

“Huh what?"

“Well Rob, thing is we think we won get any presents if Mom and Dad know we were bad for you.”

"Yeah," my littlest bro chimed in, "and Santa won’t come if we’re on the naughty list.” We are all true believers here!

“And Dad spanks hard,” said Carson who has just graduated to the paddle I got at his age.

"No shit, Sherlock." I remember my rear wearing the Little Deer too.

And there you have it. I don’t have rights to spank; least it hasn’t even been discussed and I hadn’t been planning to tell even though I probably should. After all there were good reasons for the rule. It was nice to hear my bros have a conscience even an externally motivated one.

What would you guys do? May be I should tell Dad after all?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

David M. Katz

Give them each a moderate spanking. Then when your Dad gets home pull him aside and explain it all and tell him it has been handled.

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I don't have spanking rights.

I'm going to tell the little guys that since they know they've done wrong and are sorry, Santa will still be coming. I'm not going to spank them, and I'm not going to tell dad. I'm going to let them know if it ever happens again, though, I'm going to tell dad the whole story.

John Boy

I'm going to send them to their rooms for some thinking time. When actually I'm going to call Dad to get permission since he will agree they need it and he doesn't like delaying punishment for them. Later on Dad and Mom can tell all of us I have permission to discipline should the need arise.


I'm with Kier on this one.

They know they've done wrong and I'm pretty sure that they won't do it again. I will though make it clear that if they do then Dad will get the full story. And I'll tell them that I can pull some strings with Santa just as long as they are on their very best behaviour between now and Christmas. Or will that make the 'rents suspicious??


I see two problems here.

First - they blew their allowance on candy after they snuck out. Are they going to be able to cover this anyway? If the candy will give them away, then it's best to be up front about everything. Second - what they were doing wasn't just a violation of the rules (and possibly dangerous, depending on where they went), but they were also deliberately deceitful, and now they're asking me to deceive dad as well - possibly putting you in jeopardy (at least of losing your parents trust).

If everything allows, I'd send them both to their room to get ready for spankings. I would give them time to think, then walk in with the paddle, and explain the entire situation to them. I would then buy their candy back from them, and sale it back in small amounts, but I wouldn't spank. I would let them know that trying to deceiver everyone again is just a short cut, and won't get them back on the good boys list. At that point, I'd make the decision as to whether to give them absolution or make them turn themselves in.

On the other hand - me being me - I'd whack him.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm with Kier & Ivor.


After all that candy, they'll have tummy aches and need a good clearing out and all...

A tablespoonful of castor oil for each of them...



Editor Extraordinaire
Count me in with Kier and company also. A bit of blackmail-able information will help me keep them in line in future; but the crime of the century, this ain't.




I think at 16 that had I left a note In case one of the rents came home saying Have taken kids to buy candy, back shortly and could also honestly say their room is done then the candy issue would have been covered and it wouldnt be sneaking out, me being 16 n all so I'm less bothered about hiding the candy. I clearly cannot give out the kind of spanking Dad would as there would be evidence of freshly spanked kid or marks on their chubby little butts at bathtime. I think though a few mild pops on the rear with my hand for both wouldn't go amiss and take care of Santa and a warning that next time the 'Rents will get to hear of it. I will suggest they wash traces of tears ( I doubt) candy and disgusting coloured soda if any of that left on their faces. I doubt either of them will drop me in it for spanking them

Pi Beta

If I can get hold of Dad, I'll do so. I'm not going to spank them without his agreement, however tempting that might be. If I can't get hold of him, then my inclination is to make them take a cold shower as punishment - and to clean off the tell-tale signs of their escapade.

Once Dad gets home, I'll seek his advice/permission for any future disciplinary authority I might be given.

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