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BOTD 12-15-2015 Up on the House Top - A DMK Production

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A DMK Production

This year your thirteen year old son, Jared, is eager to help you put the Christmas lights on the house.  This year, since you have help, your plan is to rival the Griswold home from Christmas Vacation.

It is Saturday morning, the appointed day for hanging the lights.  You have to run by your office for about an hour to check on a client.  You tell Jared he can get the lights out and sort them.  You specifically tell Jared not to start because it isn't safe for anyone to be on the roof alone. (Your spouse is out of town.) Not even you get on your roof unless there is someone else around.

You get back from your office (5 minutes early) and note the ladder leaning against the side of the house you look up and see:

JARED - 13
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Jared is glad to see you and yells out to you, "Everything's ready to go and I'm ready.  Let's get started."

Jared is spanked if needed.

Will you be starting anything else before hanging the lights?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
Easy.. "he's spanked if needed"?

it's needed.. where is my paddle?

Can you dig it?


No. At least not untill the lights are up and running. Afterwards we probably will have a talk.


I think talking will do. I don't think this rises to a spanking offense.


It appears to be a flat roof and he's only transported the stuff up there ready to start.

He could have fallen off the ladder, but low risk.  A few words about commonsense precautions is all that is needed here.


Watt does the boy think he's doing giving me a shock like that!

But it is nearly Christmas so I'll not go into Grinch mode, especially as it appears he is only up on a flat roof rather than on the house roof.


When we've done the lights Jared can try and persuade me that something else doesn't need to be glowing in the dark


There are two things that bother me: first, that I don't get on top of the house when no one is around; and, second, that I specifically reminded him not to get up there before I left.

Now, Jack me thinks this looks like no big deal, and I need to stroke my nerves. The me in this scenario would probably react differently though.

As the dad in the scenario, I think we'd put up the lights. When we were through, and had everything put up, I'd ask Jared where he'd been when I got home, and what I'd told him about that. I'll then give him a chance to tell me why, and what he thinks we should do about it. I'm leaning towards a minor, mostly symbolic punishment - a couple of paddle swats on his jeans maybe.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."

Pi Beta

I'm inclined to Jack's response. Enough to make a point but not a mark!


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I'm in agreement with the folks who are content to talk.


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