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BOTD 12-18-2015 Getting Shirty - An Ivor Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Getting Shirty
An Ivor Production

You work nights. It is now about 9:30 in the morning; your wife has gone into town to do some shopping and you are about ready to hit the sack.

The doorbell rings and when you open the door you find standing there your 14 year old son Luke together with the VP of his school. The VP informs you that Luke has been suspended for wearing clothing that contravenes the school clothing policy.

The picture below shows what Luke is wearing:

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Luke is still paddled when you consider it necessary. Is this one of those occasions?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
I'm going to paddle his bare butt! He knows better.

Can you dig it?


I'm going to ask the VP exactly what is wrong with the shirt, and if I don't like the answer, I'm going to cause trouble and all...

I imagine the gay reference is what the problem is, and I'm not at all happy about that...

Maybe a quick call to the local gay rights people would help...

Stevie  Mad

Y Lee Coyote

Stevie got it right. Smile

I want to know what the issue is in detail (especially since the scenario does not say).  Exactly what in the dress code -- the earing? the shirt? torn jeans? or something he is carrying since it is so bad? -- is the problem.

Also, since when does the VP deliver suspended students (especially without calling the parents first)?



I agree with Stevie as well. Even if there is a clear school policy about not wearing shirts with writing on them, regardless of the writing, this would be a situation that calls for turning one's shirt inside out, or being given a temporary shirt at school. If the student still refused, parents out to be called. Suspension from school for such an offense is ludicrous.

I'm definitely not paddling, and probably not even scolding. I may be making a phone call to lambda and/or the ACLU.


Editor Extraordinaire
Assuming the dress code makes clear the shirt is inappropriate and that Luke isn't being singled out for special treatment, I must also assume he somehow managed to slip past me with the shirt on. And while I think the school would more likely have him turn the shirt inside out, I'll also make the assumption that he has had repeated dress code violations or something to explain the very harsh response. Since I've assumed so much, Luke can assume the position.



I agree with everyone else - this situation reeks.

Unless the VP can show me a lot of previous dress code violations on Luke's part - with specific reference to the rules, I'll inform him that he can wait while Luke changes shirts, then take him back to school. Otherwise, I'll be contacting the ACLU. Also, I'm almost positive that it's illegal for school personal to take kids from school property without my permission, so a kidnapping report might be in order - and while I'm not sure, I wonder if the VP is either.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Will someone please remove this BOTD while I seriously consider if I wish to submit any more as I have no wish to stir up the ACLU let alone the lawyers of the USA.


It sounds a bit fishy...


Editor Extraordinaire
I'm going to say a word in defense of the school's negative reaction to the t-shirt. As someone who taught for years in both public and private schools, I have no difficulty seeing why the t-shirt is a problem. I also can say that few schools would not react. The question as to *how* they should react is valid, though.

The problem with the shirt is the sexually suggestive wording in "yummy boys". Imagine if the shirt said, "I dig yummy girls" instead. Would we then see why girls who saw the shirt might feel objectified, and therefore offended?

Consider a more egregious and real life case, in which a girl wore a t-shirt that mimicked the Coca-Cola logo with the message "I like vagina". The problem wasn't that she wore a pro-lesbian t-shirt, but that it sexualized her identification as a lesbian. One message that GLBTQ advocacy groups emphasize is that one's sexual orientation is about far more than sex. These t-shirts only perpetuate the myth that being gay or lesbian IS all about sex. I doubt we would allow a boy to wear that message, so we don't give a pass to a girl who does.

If Luke were wearing a shirt that affirmed gay rights, he would have a case that the message is protected (political) free speech. If the school objected to a shirt with a rainbow flag and a message of support, then I'd call the school out of bounds in a heartbeat. Having said that, I do have to remind everyone that conservative courts have given schools a great deal of leeway with dress codes. If they can justify a decision on the basis of a clothing article being disruptive or provocative, the courts will probably back them up. Before challenging a dress code decision, I'd want to see clear discrimination or stifling of free speech without any basis.

That was a long word. Razz


Pi Beta

Well argued, Kat!

David M. Katz

ivor wrote:Will someone please remove this BOTD while I seriously consider if I wish to submit any more as I have no wish to stir up the ACLU let alone the lawyers of the USA.

First things first: it is "any-more." Razz

Too late as too many lawyers have already seen it. Cool

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I am surprised the school isnt dealing with this. However liberal I might be I can see how this t shirt could be a problem there an would have stopped Luke from wearing it to school. I also wonder what problems Luke might bring on himself from his peers Luke and I will be talking, It one thing coming out its being so in yer face about it

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