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BOTD 12/20/15 "Getting On The 'Nice' List" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

This is your eleven year old son, Garth.

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More on him in a bit.

You have another son, six year old Wayne.  It is a week before Christmas and Wayne is about to go to bed but he very seriously tells you he needs to have a serious talk with you in private in the den.  You think this seems bizarre but you agree to chat with Wayne.

Here is Wayne waiting to talk with you.

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Matter-of-factly, Wayne gets to his point, "I gotta have a spankin'."

Shocked you ask, "Why?"

"'cause Garth said that if there was anything bad at all that I have done this past year that I haven't been spanked for then Santa won't bring me any presents. Garth says I gotta get spanked to be on Santa's nice list. I want to make sure I get presents."

Wayne then lists a few very minor misdemeanors from the past year that you were not aware of and then says he is ready for his spanking.

You try to insure Wayne that a spanking is not necessary but he becomes upset and insists that Garth said it was.

You then hear Garth outside the den door stifling a giggle.

What are you going to do?

Does Wayne get a spankin'?

Is Garth in trouble?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

John Boy

Garth can join in since there are some misdeeds HE needs to deal with so he can get presents this year. I have a feeling that I have to give Wayne a spanking though probably more stingeroos then full blown spanking like Garth is going to get.


Editor Extraordinaire
Nobody's getting spanked. I'm inviting -- no, ORDERING -- Garth to join us, as I explain to Wayne that his older brother has been enjoying a joke at his expense. The joke is over now, though, and Garth had better watch his step if he doesn't want the cathartic experience of good spanking to ensure his own place on the Nice List.



I'm inclined to give Wayne some 'stingoors' as it seems Garth has done such a good job of convincing him about the naughty list that nothing else will convince him he is now off it. When that's done I'll tell him to go find Garth and tell him that he has one final chance to get himself off the naughty list and that if he isn't in my study within 5 minutes I'll be coming to find him - which he won't want. When he arrives (as I'm sure he will) a talk, a tickle and some more stingoors should suffice.


I move quickly to the door and open it.

"Oh! There you are Garth.  Come in, I was just going to look for you.

Then I'll explain.  "I was just about to spank Wayne for some undiscovered naughties so he'll be a good enough boy for Santa to visit.  Then I thought that you must have some too and I would hate Santa to miss you if you have some too.  Have you?"

He may deny.  If so I'll look him in the eye as I ask "Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE you have NEVER teased your little brother?

He'll know the game is up.

"OK then pants down both of you"

Then I'll spank Wayne just hard enough to make him believe its not just a play spanking.

Garth's follow up spanking will also be light - but somewhat stingier.  

Afterwards, when alone,  Laughing I'll ask Garth.  "Did you enjoy your little joke on Wayne"


I tell Wayne that Santa listens to me, not Garth, and then I give him a mild spanking for the infractions, with a little interest. I then call Garth in, and let Wayne watch while we ensure that Santa will be visiting Garth as well.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I'm inviting Garth in. He wont be able to refuse Razz Wayne will gt a few very mild stingers as I play along. Then I will let on that I have rumbled Garths joke, and he too will receive stingers but those will have somewhat more bite. and will finish with a real zinger so as to warn him about not trying to get his little brother in trouble for his own amusement

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