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BOTD 12-22-2015 Trouble With Flag - AN Emlyn Production

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Trouble With Flag
An Emlyn Production

Great Uncle Emlyn sent Rachid and Amir to Tiznit to buy him a new backsack. He was annoyed they bought one with TV cartoon characters emblazoned on the panels - the shop having no others.

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"I can't wear that. I'm seventy. Take it back and get my money back."

But the boys had anyway planned to make suitable amendments; they got their paints and brushes for to paint the Moroccan and Amerzigh flags and a desert scene - while Great Uncle took his afternoon nap.

He was annoyed again to be woken by the boys arguing about the correct way to paint the Amerzigh flag.

Rachid was certain the blue represented the sky, the green the land, and the yellow the desert - therefore blue should be on top.

Amir was adamant that blue represented the sea, and yellow the sun - so obviously yellow should be on top.

Rachid won the argument, being the older.

BEFORE - Some annoying TV cartoon character
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Should Great Uncle Emlyn whack them for annoying him and waking him up?

Can you dig it?

David M. Katz

Ah, yes, backsacks or backpacks as I have heard them called. It seems everyone uses them these days but the popular carrier when I was in school was the gym bag. I can never figure out all of the straps and buckles on a backsack.

Anyway, I am going to whack them and have some wine. drunken

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
I wouldn't whack them. The backpack is pretty cool.



Ditto Kat


Should they get their just deserts? They'll have to wait and sea if I am going to apply my palm. Smile


They've done a great job on the backsack - BUT WAKING ME UP? Evil or Very Mad  ....Grrrr! Drop 'em boys.


Rachid really needs to move - that painting behind him makes it look like he's wearing a really weird hat.

There's probably plenty of reason to whack the boys. They not only awoke their Uncle, but they disobeyed him by not taking the backsack back. On the other hand, they'd done him a favor by fetching it for him, and they did some very nice work on adjusting it.

I know!

"Thank you boys - that looks very nice. Now, would you like a good whacking or will you let me continue my nap?"

Hopefully they'll chose the good whacking.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


Taking the backpack back is too much trouble and might not be doable anyhow! The boys have come up with an acceptable solution to the lack of selection. Of coarse there will be no punishment, and even if I was displeased with their solution if I punished them in any way they would be unwilling to help me in any way again.


Y Lee Coyote

They did great. They got what was available and did a great job modifying it to make it acceptable.

Kids make noise. C'est la vie.

They get thanked and a treat too.



I guess this depends whether I'm looking at this through Kats eyes or Uncle Emlyns. It is a cool backpack but I'm whacking them! Laughing

Emlyn Morgan

The important thing with a back-bag is to wear it high up on your shoulders; that way you feel no weight.  A conventional shoulder-bag weighs on my hips which eventually tire and want to stop me walking any further.

Children have to carry so much to school these days that they can damage themselves with a back-bag.  The wisest thing for primary school children is a small wheeled suitcase.

Anyway, I do like the decorations on my new bag.  The Amerzigh flag is popular with local people and attracts friendly comments as I travel.

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