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BOTD 12-29-2015 Chill, Dad! - A Jack Production

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A Jack Production

You and your family are heading home from you annual, family get together after Christmas.  Your kids always have a great time seeing your extended family and getting to play with all their cousins.  

The fun part is your drive there and back. It's too far to be a quick drive, but close enough driving still makes the most sense.  When you were a kid, you remember more than once when your dad had to 'pull the car over' and straighten out you or one of your sibs.  Despite all the electronic toys available these days for distraction, you've done that yourself.  Your sons are 10-year old Mickey and 11-year old Ben.  Both of them are pretty average boys and do make the occasional trip over your lap or across the bed.

The biggest way that Ben isn't average is that he's an Anglophile.  He loves British situation comedies and British authors, and he's read a lot about British history.  

Today, it's finally time for you and your family to head home.  Your spouse is driving, allowing you to rest a bit, but the two boys are antagonizing each other. When you turn around to suggest they calm down before you ask the car to be pulled over, Ben responds to you.

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"Chill, Dad."

The thing is, you've heard Ben explaining to his little brother that the 'backwards vee' is like British for shooting the bird.

Do you chill, or is there a request you'd like to make of your spouse?

Can you dig it?

John Boy

I might take a moment to let him know I know his trick, then explain to him that he can "chill" or be "warmed"


Ditto JB

David M. Katz

John Boy wrote:I might take a moment to let him know I know his trick, then explain to him that he can "chill" or be "warmed"

Good answer

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


Editor Extraordinaire
Sounds good to me.



And to me.


Sounds great to me also...... Wink

Hugs kal

Pi Beta

RIP 9 Jan 47 - 17 June 17
"Ben; those fingers look dirty!"

Then, to spouse, "Stop off at the earliest convenient place for him to wash his hands. Ben could also benefit there from some behavioural clensing for what might also be a dirty mind!"

Then let him stew until the stop where, when he has washed his hands, we'll have a chat about finger positions. I can't be too sure whether his fingers just happen to be showing like that or whether it was deliberate, so no spanking will take place, just a warning that I'd better not see them in that position again - especially when accompanied by words such as "Chill, Dad!"!

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I will tell the boys that is as much the meaning of the gesture as the gesture itself. Any more cheek or any more acting out and we will be pulling the car over...

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