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BOTD 1/2/16 "A Spanking Too Far?" A DMK Production

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David M. Katz

A DMK Production

You have two sons.  The oldest is thirteen year old Brent.  The youngest is Bryan who turned ten today.  Bryan is having a birthday party.  Bryan's friends grabbed him and gave him a birthday spanking - a rather hard one but Bryan endured it well.  However, Bryan made it abundantly clear that he wanted no more birthday spankings.

You hear a commotion and look over and see Brent and Bryan.  

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(Notice Brent is holding his hand over Bryan's mouth.)

Bryan is now angry. Brent says it was all in fun.  Bryan says it wasn't fun though.  Brent says it wasn't fair that he didn't get to participate in the birthday spanking so he decided to give Bryan one from him.

What do you do?  Will there be more unwanted spankings today?

Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.


I'll remind Brent that no means no, and he should have taken it that way. He could have still played, but he should at least have waited and let his brother relax. I think I'll just separate them a bit - I don't think any (more) spanking needs to occur.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I will just cool things down, but I will tell Brent that when he turns fourteen Bryan will have full licence to take revenge.


Ditto jack and push....,

Hugs kal


I'll go along with Push, but I'll add to Brent that 'full licence' means that he won't have the protection of his jeans when it happens. After all Bryan's hands are a lot smaller. Smile


Ivor has nailed it for me. ..... but I'll supervise, and participate, on the day.

Y Lee Coyote

Me thinks that the boy doth protest too much if we are to believe the picture which does not show young Bryan resisting the big brute Brent at all.  The younger brother is getting attention from his sibling which is normally craved as long as the spanks are just love taps.

OTOH, should we believe the scenario text more, then big bro has gone too far as Bryan has had enough already.  Again, if just love taps, then a bit of turn around is in order.  If they were harder, then something more significant such as a slipper from me for a few stingers.

In either case, Brent might fair better in a few hours if he asks Bryan if he wants a proper birthday spanking from his big brother.


P.S.  Ivor has it right for Brent's fourteenth.


Brent appears to have his hand over Bryans mouth so I don't think I can tell from th picture whether Bryan is having fun or not. However if Bryan has told Brent not to then Brent should know to stop before it becomes bullying. He and I will have a chat but that should be all that is needed


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I'll go along with Push.



Kat wrote:I'll go along with Push.


Me too!


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