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BOTD 01-24-2016 A Blast From the Past -1980- The Notes IN Miss Slaughter's Box - Kat Prod

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A Blast from the Past – 1980 – The Notes in Miss Slaughter’s Box
A Kat Production

Henry, age 14, is an office aide during a free period at a middle school where you are the vice principal. He has been caught putting forged love notes in the mailbox of an unattractive female teacher.

Henry - 14
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What will you do about it?

Can you dig it?

Emlyn Morgan

"Unattractive" is an unkind description. We can't all be glamorous.

Maybe she has other charms. Maybe she is an excellent arm-wrestler, or maybe she can whistle all the songs from Oklahoma. Maybe not everyone finds her to be unattractive. Maybe Miss Slaughter's looks are an acquired taste. Maybe she has many lusting admirers.

Have you noticed her name is one letter away from Miss Laughter?

What else can I say?

As for Henry, I'll give him seven red stripes.


I don't think it will be slaughter on 10th avenue but neither will Henry be laughing in the aisles.

A rather mean trick which deserves something equally mean in return - he will have to learn by heart one Shakespeare Love Sonnet for every note he has left and then recite them to her. Evil or Very Mad


It seems that Henry has too much time on his hands, so I think we should find something more demanding than 'office aid' for him. Maybe I should offer him a free period of cleaning toilets?

Seriously, I can see how a kid would think this is funny, so I'm going to sit down and discuss the issue with him. Miss Slaughter is a nice, hard working teacher, and I hope he realizes how he's mistreated her. The apology he's going to make will be more effective than any paddling would be.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I think Jack has this one right

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