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BOTD 01-28-2016 Kissing the Prince - An Emlyn Production

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Bransom Postmaster
Kissing the Prince
An Emlyn Production

Once upon a time in a kingdom very far from
Bransom there lived a young prince : twelve years old and much loved by the people.

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They invited him to make an official visit to their equestrian stadium and laid out a red carpet. A dozen besuited dignitaries and uniformed military high officers lined the red carpet waiting to kiss the hand of the prince in the traditional way of showing respect for the heir to the kingdom.

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The young prince shook the hand of each pooh-bah and brasshat in turn, but quickly whipped his hand away before they could kiss it! Much consternation amongst the dignitaries! Much amusement amongst the people!

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But, should someone whack the prince for his seemingly peevish breach of tradition?

Can you dig it?


Bransom Postmaster
someone should wack him.. long live the KING!

Can you dig it?


Skater wrote:someone should wack him.. long live the KING!

I sense there will be a modernisation of this tradition when this young man takes the throne!! Kids acting like he running a gauntlet of great aunts at Christmas!

I would love to hear that King Hassan, or maybe it was delegated to a member of the Palace staff, whacked his backside for it

Y Lee Coyote

Oh the poor whipping boy will hurt tonight.



Editor Extraordinaire
I wouldn't whack him, have him whacked or whack a whipping boy in his stead. I agree with him: the hand kissing is creepy.



When my son is king it will be up to him to modify tradition but on this occasion he is on an official engagement representing me.  It is incumbent on him to conduct himself in the traditional dignified manner expected of royalty.

Today he has not only failed to properly discharge his royal duties but has caused embarrassment to the officials  following protocol and in the process given the paparazzi a golden opportunity to pour scorn on the monarchy.

He will be sitting on many cushions tonight. Mad


I'm pitching my tent in MM's encampment.

I do though like YLC's thought that it is the whipping boy who will suffer the consequences. If he is lucky perhaps the Prince will attend to his beaten backside afterwards???


This is yet another case where the proper way to do things is discuss them before hand. If this is not ironclad protocol, then the king could have sent word ahead to let the people in the reception line know not to do it (or probably to just bow over the hand, without actual lip contact).

As it is, I think a thorough lecture on why the protocol exists, along with a well-researched paper on protocol and it's place in government will be more effective than a well-spanked backside.

"In the end, it's just a story. But if you ask me, it's all true."


I can well imagine what was going through the young prince's mind as he withdrew his hand from all those creepy-crawlies.  

"I don't know where those hands have been.  And if they want to kiss my hand, what else are they after?  And now Sepp Blatter is coming up behind me (See YouTube). Eurghh!  No thanks.  He will only stuff an 'offer I can't refuse' into my hand.

"So, yes, a sound spanking is probably coming my way for defying protocol, but noblesse oblige.  One has to make a stand on a point of principle."

Emlyn Morgan

squarecutter wrote:...running a gauntlet of great aunts at Christmas!

What a vision! Laughing Laughing Laughing

Here in this kingdom where there is much genuine respect for old people it is usual for younger members of a family to kiss the right hand of the very oldest; and youngsters will sometimes come to kiss the hand of any senior-aged person even a stranger.  It happened to me recently - and one accepts it of course, and feels rather touched.

By extension of the tradition one kisses the right hand of the King as patriarch of the nation.  I think most here would feel it was natural and respectful rather than obsequious - and also it would seem right and natural to show the same respect for their Prince Héritier.

It seems however the Prince is uncomfortable with this - maybe out of humility, thinking such honour should be only for the King and senior-aged people.  So Jack is very right to observe the palace should agree a protocol with the King and the Prince Héritier, and make it known so all know what to do and no-one is embarrassed.

squarecutter is right to sense changes could be made after the accession (insha'Allah) of  this remarkable young man.

Anyway, it looked liked peevishness rather than humility - so someone should whack him!  I suggest the head gardener with a switch.

Y Lee Coyote

Upon thought, I think not.  I offer two examples of as illustration for the Prince changing the custom.  

First, Prince Chulalongkorn who with his father, King Mongkut of Siam, still warm on his death bed immediately decrees a change in how his subjects appear to him sweeping aside centuries of ancient tradition in an instant.    

Second, Cedric, aka Lord Fauntleroy, is asked what he would do by his grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt, about how to handle an estate issue and although it diametrically different from the old man's ways, is told to write the order to the property manager.

The ruler must be decisive!

The Prince has changed to world as his destiny requires.


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